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Colloid & grinding machine - Control Module

Colloid & grinding machine - Control Module

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Colloid disassembly should pay attention not to damage the seals, the wrong equipment and loss. Press the desired number of revolutions replace the pulley, first loosen the motor cover end nut along the horizontal direction, to the grinding direction to promote motor, the V-belt to relax, the machine down, then unscrew the nut on the spindle and motor shaft clamping screws , remove the original pulley. Replace the required pulley by hand hammer to gently knock, can not be forced to hit, in order to avoid damage to the pulley, destruction machine precision.

Colloid & grinding machine for good, the use of nuts and screws, and then the machine gently raised. After the machine is erected, the motor is driven along a horizontal direction, so that the the triangle belt tensioning, and then a good cover.

Laboratory colloid mill, pilot-type colloid mill, industrial colloid mill for grinding preparation, which can involve the speed of major equipment grinding machine, colloid mill has eight, agitation, high shear emulsion features mixed-function five discrete functions, six broken features seven homogeneous function, eight grinding function. This requires us in the industrial production how to achieve their different functions. German the IKN industrial equipment in from the laboratory to industrial equipment on the use of its unique design and calculation of line speed, a good solution to this problem. As well as the problem of the the colostrum preparation process of air bubbles, heat transfer problems uneven emulsion, oil slick, separation problems can be dealt with accordingly good.

Hao Xing Machinery Manufacturing fluid and semi-fluid industrial equipment in the world has seen successful applications and solutions. colloidmill

Equipment level: chemical grade, sanitary Class I, Class II sanitary, sterile grade, titanium dioxide grade, food grade
Motor type: normal motor, frequency conversion motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency explosion-proof motor
Power Selection: 380V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 415V/50HZ
Motor Option: PTC thermal protection, IP45-66 protection, noise reduction
Colloid Material: SUS304, SUS316L, SUS316Ti, alloy steel
Colloid Optional: tank, drain valve, inverter, electric control box, mobile car