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Colloid seals

Colloid seals

Colloid mill seals, o-rings, o-ring, colloidmill colloid mill installation method and use precautions and maintenance:

Equipment mounted horizontally on a flat concrete foundation and land foot screws (according to the working condition or not fixed). Check the colloid the fastening screws are tight (screw rotor center is M L screws).

Colloid mill before use special wrench to turn the rotor, check whether the contact with the stator, with or without stuck phenomenon, if the situation does not allow the boot.

Check and connect the power cord (three-phase alternating current, voltage in volts, body protective earth) and note the colloid mill rotor rotation direction should be consistent with the base of the arrow (clockwise).

Connected to the cooling water, and note the sign out of the water faucets. Start the motor, the first point switch, check if there is noise and vibration. If the situation is not normal should be immediately shut down, troubleshooting and then commissioning. Cleaning the stator colloid mill work, the residual materials can be a rotor in operation under the state, the first disc is rotated counterclockwise kcal of not less than ° after washing. [Grinder - Grinding pipeline pump] colloid mill grinding stator, rotor clearance adjustment method (adjustment should be carried out under operating conditions):

 a, loosen two handles b, moving the handle to drive kcal disc rotation for clearance adjustment, positioning plate clockwise gap narrowed, particle size becomes thin.

b. counterclockwise rotation gap increased, coarse particle size.

c, the stator and rotor clearance adjustment, should also tighten the two handles (clockwise).

d, colloid mill grinding process material according to particle size and volume requirements, choose the best grinding (stator and rotor) You can adjust the limit screw gap reached the limit purposes. Butter cup, regular oiling. On the processing of materials requirements:

For a good, nut and screw fastening, and then the machine gently stand up. After the machine is erected, the motor is driven along a horizontal direction, so that the the triangle belt tensioning, and then a good cover.

Laboratory colloid mill, pilot-type colloid mill, industrial colloid mill for grinding preparation, which can involve the speed of major equipment grinding machine, colloid mill has eight, agitation, high shear emulsion features mixed-function five discrete functions, six broken features seven homogeneous function, eight grinding function. This requires us in the industrial production how to achieve their different functions. German the IKN industrial equipment in from the laboratory to industrial equipment on the use of its unique design and calculation of line speed, a good solution to this problem. As well as the problem of the the colostrum preparation process of air bubbles, heat transfer problems uneven emulsion, oil slick, separation problems can be dealt with accordingly good.

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Equipment level: chemical grade, sanitary Class I, Class II sanitary, sterile grade, titanium dioxide grade, food grade
Motor type: normal motor, frequency conversion motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency explosion-proof motor
Power Selection: 380V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 415V/50HZ
Motor Option: PTC thermal protection, IP45-66 protection, noise reduction
Colloid Material: SUS304, SUS316L, SUS316Ti, alloy steel
Colloid Optional: tank, drain valve, inverter, electric control box, mobile car