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Colloid Mill Control Valve - colloid Accessories

Colloid Mill Control Valve - colloid Accessories

Control Valves - way valve - Milk valve - ball - Food Valves - colloid Accessories - Zhejiang Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hao Star CN.HAOSTAR cards - colloid mainly stainless steel, semi-steel and super alloy steel (I am using special patented technology developed) colloid composition, and material contact parts are all stainless steel with 304,316. From the morphology can be divided into two kinds of vertical colloid mill and colloid split. Processing capacity from the laboratory level to cover large-scale production line applications.
The two toothed colloid mill grinding surfaces by relative movement of a toothed surface speed rotation, a stationary fluid or semi-fluid material is greatly by the shearing force and the friction force and the high-frequency vibration, vortex, etc. Multi force of the complex is effectively dispersed, floating of the film, grinding, homogenization, to meet the demand for the product obtained.
Colloid accessories mainly by grinding (movement disc) made of stainless steel or Jin Gangyu infiltration WC abrasion resistant corundum head infiltration WC, WC resistant corundum grinding infiltration, seepage WC wear plate, magic grinding wear, hardness HL800 wear plate), coupling, spindle, cooling fittings, control valves, mechanical seals (different production periods, the use of mechanical seals and mechanical seals mechanical seals are not the same performance, mechanical seals (2003-2009), mechanical seals (2000-2003), mechanical seals (1989-1999), hopper (according to the different needs of users, the hopper is also divided into: heated hopper, closed hopper, small colloid mill hopper, stainless steel hopper) circulation device, O-rings , compensation devices, grinding movement (movement millstones - including a stator and rotor), adjust the dials, positioning device, propeller, rotary vane knife, frame, chassis, the stall water dish, motors, material inlet and outlet protection devices, control cabinet, inverter, remote monitoring (general user-configurable) and other components. (Control Valves - way valve - Milk Valves - Ball Valves - Food valve - colloid Accessories - Zhejiang Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) with the completion of a colloid mill or short-term Within unused, should be good cleaning cavity to prevent corrosion, it is best to use high-pressure air dry. cleaning depending on the appropriate choice of materials cleaning agent, but should ensure that no damage colloid accessories seals (seal material NBR).

Disassembly should pay attention not to damage the seals, the wrong equipment and loss.
Press the desired number of revolutions replace the pulley, first loosen the motor cover end nut along the horizontal direction, to the grinding direction to promote motor, the V-belt to relax, the machine down, then unscrew the nut on the spindle and motor shaft clamping screws , remove the original pulley. Replace the required pulley by hand hammer to gently knock, can not be forced to hit, in order to avoid damage to the pulley, destruction machine precision. After changing, with nuts and screws, and then the machine gently raised. After the machine is erected, the motor is driven along a horizontal direction, so that the the triangle belt tensioning, and then a good cover.