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Colloid mill mechanical seals - colloid Accessories

Colloid mill mechanical seals - colloid Accessories

The mechanical seal device Colloid Colloid relates to improvement of the mechanical seal device configuration. It includes drive ring, driving seat, springs, rotating ring, rotating ring, stationary ring, static seals. The main technical features are driving seat with the transmission seals to prevent the machine malfunction. Mechanical seal - Mechanical Seals - Seals - colloid Accessories - Zhejiang Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. -

Hao Star CN.HAOSTAR cards colloid mainly stainless steel, semi-steel and super alloy steel (I am using special patented technology developed) colloid composition, and material contact parts are all stainless steel with 304,316. From the morphology can be divided into two kinds of vertical colloid mill and colloid split. Processing capacity from the laboratory level to cover large-scale production line applications. The two toothed colloid mill grinding surfaces by relative movement of a toothed surface speed rotation, a stationary fluid or semi-fluid material is greatly by the shearing force and the friction force and the high-frequency vibration, vortex, etc. Multi force of the complex is effectively dispersed, floating of the film, grinding, homogenization, to meet the demand for the product obtained.

Colloid accessories mainly by grinding (movement millstones, grinding movement (movement millstone - including a stator and rotor)) made of stainless steel or Jin Gangyu infiltration WC abrasion resistant corundum head infiltration WC, WC resistant corundum grinding infiltration, seepage WC wear plate, magic grinding wear, hardness HL800 wear plate), coupling, spindle, cooling fittings, control valves, mechanical seals (different production periods, with mechanical seal and mechanical seal performance is not the same mechanical seal There, the mechanical seal (2003-2009), mechanical seals (2000-2003), mechanical seals (1989-1999), hopper (according to the different needs of users, the hopper is also divided into: heated hopper, closed hopper, small colloid mill hopper, stainless steel hopper) circulation device, O-rings, the compensation device, adjusting dials, positioning device, propeller, rotary vane knife, frame, chassis, the stall water dish, motors, material inlet and outlet protection devices, electronic control cabinets, inverter, remote monitoring (general user-configurable) and other components. (mechanical seal - colloid pump mechanical seal device is involved colloid pump mechanical seal structure improvements, which includes the drive ring, driving seat, springs, rotating seal ring, rotating ring, stationary ring, stationary ring main technical features are driving seat with drive slot on the drive ring claw set the appropriate drive; driving seat in the inner surface of three earrings. colloid pump mechanical seal utility model long life, smooth transmission, reduces scrap loss and other characteristics. Mechanical Seals - Seals - colloid Accessories - Zhejiang Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

Colloid Mill Application: Food industry: dairy products, chocolate, soy sauce, jam, peanut butter, cream drinks. Chemical industry: paint, oil, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, catalysts, paint and so on. Pharmaceutical industry: cod liver oil, confidentiality, athletes paste, Royal Jelly, pollen, etc.. Household chemicals: shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balms, soaps, detergents and so on. Other industry: construction industry, paper industry, plastics industry, battery industry.

Vertical colloid mill, colloid mill split, horizontal colloid mill and our patented New: Mill closed, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill, colloid mill and grinding pipeline pump difference: the difference between vertical and horizontal colloid mill that the low height horizontal colloid mill, vertical high. Horizontal to consider when designing axial positioning, to prevent the motor shaft axially movable touch tooth wear, it is best motor front cover bearing, because the design of the motor rotor and shaft axial thermal expansion will be key to the motor front bearing motor rear bearing direction move to reduce the impact of the grinding gap. Vertical Colloid due to motor mounted vertically, the motor rotor weight causes the motor shaft axial wear does not happen automatically, so you can not consider the axial position. Horizontal colloid mill horizontal installation, such as the discharge port should be up to the discharge port disposed below the discharge valve so long downtime colloid mill material exhausted, antifouling plate design to consider sewage material reflux weight, do not vertical. The two colloid mill transmission efficiency close to the higher than split. Mill closed, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill, colloid mill and grinding pipeline pump and the difference between vertical and horizontal Colloid Mill closed, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill, colloid mill and grinding pipeline pumps available online pipe connections running, closed pipeline continuous processing of materials, automatic integrated control module, colloid mill can be provided according to the special requirements can be idling versatile flush-cooled mechanical seal (Hao Star has been Chinese patent) operation when no mechanical seal in contact with the medium, mechanical seal for longer service life generation sanitary idling colloid mill (China patent ZL2006200759997). And the development of an alternative Mill closed (Chinese patent ZL2004200541273 other four certificates) colloid in fully enclosed internal recycle system, so that the material in an enclosed environment multifunction grinding, emulsification, homogenization, grinding, dispersion , stirring and mixing of the processing. The good performance of the machine closed, to prevent volatile, flammable, explosive, high hygiene requirements and can work under vacuum conditions and other characteristics, especially suitable for: flavors, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, medicines, petroleum, chemical, fine chemical, biological agents, vegetable protein, animal protein, beer, food, ****, universities, research laboratories and other areas of industries. So as to achieve flame-proof, prevent the processing of materials or volatile active ingredients stimulate the working environment and to ensure the quality of pure materials. Can be more effective processing of materials processing cycles to achieve the desired effect, Mill closed device is also equipped with a number of features also make the adjustment dial flexibly adjust the spacing emulsifying machine fineness and prevent swelling, balance inside the container pressure, the machine can Queliao idling and other features. Therefore, the good performance of its features fully enclosed, fire-proof, leak-proof, idling, easy to operate, environmental health, energy efficient and long life, is more advanced colloid mill. Hao Star colloid fluid mainly versatile wet processing ultrafine particles crushing, grinding, emulsifying, dispersing, homogenizing, stirring, mixing and other functions as the leading products, can replace and surpass the stone mill, sand mill, ball mill, homogenizer machine , shear dispersion pumps, emulsification machine, three-roll machine, broken machines and other organizations working efficiency. Multifunctional colloid mill has formed six series "Vertical Colloid series, split series colloid mill, horizontal colloid mill series, pipeline colloid series, fully enclosed colloid mill series, can be wet or dry colloid series idling "One hundred kinds of model specifications colloid mill products to customers to buy equipment to provide more space and room for the equipment resources to be more scientific, professional and energy efficiency of utilization, successfully applied in pineapple, aloe, cactus, etc. juice, pie filling, coating, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, beer, deep processing of animal and plant protein, starch, adhesives, polyurethane, ceramic, asphalt and new materials production and research and other fields. Especially our latest small colloid (laboratory dedicated laboratory equipment), multifunctional grinding machine (titanium dioxide colloid mill - Patent ZL2006200759997 and other new technology products) King colloid mill, colloid mill closed, idling colloid series products, domestic initiative, has been all over the country hundreds of enterprises and institutions of higher learning key laboratories, research institutes to promote the adoption and usefulness, and the majority of experts.