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Hao Star ZB series rotary lobe pump is elaborately designed and made on the base of brining in and absorbing foreign advanced techniques, compared with foreign like pumps, it has higher precision, lower cost as well as fresher appearance, it fills up domestic blank so that it has already been widely used in various fields.
1Main differences compared with other pumps:
a)This pump belongs to cubage type pump, can precisely control transportation flux and also can be made to variable capacity pump conveniently. While the output flux of centrifugal pump can not be controlled, it will be reduced along with the resistance increase; this pump has strong self-suction ability, while centrifugal pump has to be filled with liquid before rotating.
b)This pump has very low rotate speed, generally between 200rmp and 600rmp, the transported materials are sent placidly and their components will not be affected. While centrifugal pump has high rotate speed, the transported materials receive fierce impact and centrifugal force so that it is easy to result different components when transporting mixed materials, and the quality of finished product is reduced accordingly. However, this pump is the best solution of this problem, so it is especially suitable for transporting mixed materials and those containing solid granules even more.
c)This pump can transport materials with rather high viscidity, so it is called rotary lobe pump as well. While centrifugal pump does not have this character.
This pump can conveniently made to the breeds with high output pressure, for example, 15kgf/cm2 so it is suitable for long-distance and high-resistance ration transportation.
2Compared with screw pump (dense slurry pump):
Both of them belong to cubage type pump, so they have like performances?can placidly transport high-viscidity material, with high transportation pressure. But screw pump has a biggest shortcoming, which makes it inapplicable for the occasions with sanitary requirements? non-streamline curved surface as well as numerous faults in the cavity, which also makes itimpossible to be sanitary type pump, at the same time, the damage of PTFE or rubber on the cavity wall may pollute transported materials even more. While the rotor of this pump has streamline structure and there is rarely any dead point or non-metal part in rotor room, so in food and beverage, medicine and other callings that have high sanitary requirements, universal transportation pump is more applicable, besides, automatization degree of present production lines is higher and higher, and more and more of them adopt on-the-spot cleaning (CIP), thus, the importance of Hao Star rotary lobe pump is fully displayed.
Foodstuff industry:
Yoghurt, fresh butter, ice cream, cream block, whey, beer, wort, barm, soda pop, concentrated solution of fruit, juice beverage, ketchup, fruit mud, vegetable paste, pudding, jam, jelly, flavouring agent, sweet flavor, barm mud, salad flavoring, bread and cake, meat paste, dogmeat, animal fat, edible oil, candy, sirup, diluted cream stuffing, chocolate and so on.
Daily chemical industry:
facial milk, jelly, hair dye, essence, toothpaste, washing lotion, shampoo, shoeshine, cosmetic, bath essence, soap, balsam and so on.
Pharmacy industry:
various pill pastes, extract, emulsifying agent, sirup, nutrition liquid, Chinese Tradition Patent Medicine, poultice, biological product, cod liuer oil, pollen, bee royal jelly and bacterin.
Chemical industry:
fat, solvent, resin and polymer, oil paint, pigment, dyestuff, dope, lubrication, lubricating grease, activator for petroleum, emulsification pitch, adhesive, washing lotion, plastic, detonator, glass fibre reinforced plastic, leather and so on.
Construction industry:
various dopes, including inner and outer wall dopes, anti-rot and waterproof dope, cold porcelain dope, multi-color dope, ceramic glaze and so on.
Other industries:
plastic industry, textile industry, paper making industry, coal floating agent, nanometer material, biochemical industry and so on.