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Instructions for use

Instructions for use

JTM series colloid mill for use:
        Hao Star colloid mill, the JTM (JM; JP) series has ZL200420054127.3, ZJ201020687068.9, ZL200620075999.7, ZL 201020608706.3 20 national patents and other latest technology, referred to as: colloid mill English scientific name Colloid Mill; the Colloidal MILL Chinese Pinyin JIAOTIMO (grinder GRINDIND MACHINE), also known as wet the ultrafine particles grinder, wet grinder, plastic grinder, grinding pump (pipeline grinding pump), grinding machine, high shear emulsification grinding machine, multi-functional grinding machine, carbon black plastic mill, high speed grinding machines, asphalt colloid pump, mixing pump. Hao Star colloid mill long manufacturing history, superior quality, high performance, long enjoyed the reputation, won the favor of customers at home and abroad. In particular, in recent years by the Company's technical innovation sector by means of high-tech innovation, problem research, substantial transformation of traditional colloid mill achieved many breakthroughs. Continuous access to national patent nine, passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification, enterprise standard Q/WHX01 -2011; Q / WHX 02-2011, and national standards GB/T14466-2005 (enterprises to participate in the revision), won the national quality test certificate, quality inspection and stability of qualified products, first prize in the national patent technology award, the National Science and Technology Achievement Progress Award ", China's food and packaging machinery industry integrity unit so. Hao Star colloid mill products new practical, novel appearance, environmental protection and energy saving, competitive price, small size, high efficiency characteristics. Make your system more reliable, more health, more quiet, more power.
        The HS-JTM series colloid mill according to the special requirements of multi-functional idling operation of the mechanical seal and the media no contact mechanical seal service life longer idling can be a new generation of sanitary colloid mill (China Patent ZL2006200759997,) . And developed another closed colloid mill the (patent ZL2004200541273 back items) in its fully enclosed recirculation system, so that the material in a confined environment, multi-functional grinding, emulsification, homogenization, grinding, dispersing, mixing, mixed processing. Sealing ability of the machine to prevent volatile, flammable, explosive, high health and can work under vacuum conditions and other characteristics, especially suitable for: fragrance, perfume, medicine, drugs, petroleum, chemical, fine chemical, biological agents, vegetable protein, animal protein, beer, food, ****, universities, research laboratories and other areas of industry. To be explosion-proof fire and prevent volatilization of the active ingredient of the processed materials or stimulating work environment and ensure the pure quality of the materials. Processed materials can be an effective multi-cycle and achieve the desired results, Mill closed with a number of functional device would also make the adjustment dial the flexibility to adjust the machine pitch emulsion fineness and the prevention of expansion, balance inside the container The pressure machine Queliao idling and other functions. , Which features fully enclosed performance, fire and explosion, leak-proof, idling, easy to operate, health and environmental protection, energy efficiency and long service life is more advanced colloid mill.
        HS-JTM series colloid mill wet and dry mill, ultrafine particles to the multi-function wet processing fluid crushing, grinding, emulsifying, dispersing, homogenizing, mixing, blending function as the leading products, can replace and surpass the stone , sand mill, ball mill, homogenizer, shear dispersion pump, homogenizing machine, three-roll machine, organizational stamp mill efficiency. Multifunctional colloid mill has formed six series of vertical colloid mill series, split colloid mill series, horizontal colloid mill series, pipeline colloid mill series, fully enclosed colloid mill series, idling wet and dry colloid mill series over 100 kinds of model specifications colloid mill products, buy equipment to the majority of users to provide greater space and room, the equipment resources to be more scientific, professional and energy use, and successfully applied to pineapple, aloe vera, cactus juice, pie filling, paint, biochemical, pharmaceutical, beer, animal and plant protein processing, starch, adhesives, polyurethane, ceramic, asphalt and new materials production and research fields. Especially our latest the small colloid mill (laboratory dedicated laboratory equipment), multi-functional grinding machine (titanium dioxide colloid mill - Patent ZL2006200759997 on new technology products) King colloid mill, Mill closed, idling colloid mill series products, a national initiative, Key Laboratory of hundreds of enterprises and institutions of higher learning across the country, research laboratories, adoption and practical promotion and the majority of experts praise. Such as procurement of equipment: Tsinghua Science Park, Shandong University, Shandong Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University, Shanghai Medical University, Capital Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Suzhou, non-metallic minerals Institute, Xinjiang-based natural purification of high-tech Institute, Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province, Nanjing blueprint for research institutes, the Institute of Pharmacology of Hainan Province, Guangdong Paper Research Institute, Chongqing Yu Xin Group, Guangzhou Liby Group , Xiamen cologne Group, Xuzhou En China Pharmaceutical Group, Kunming Group of Friends Group Conba, Liansheng Group Pharmaceutical, Guizhou, Shanxi new Double-Crane Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical integration, Sine Pharmaceutical, Beijing Kyrgyzstan Pharmaceutical , double-base medicine, Henan Yi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 39 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen the Jin Gangyuan New Material Technology Development Corporation, Beihai BPG Juice Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Miki Aloe Co., Ltd. Fuqing New Daze Spirulina Co., Ltd., China Di Group, nanotechnology Taoyuan pesticides, rich peasants Chemical Company (Malaysia), Tetra Pak, Sweden on behalf of the Group, Food Industry Group of Hong Kong Mu Lin, Jie Kemu Industries (Vietnam), Emory special company (United States ), Shanghai Hubble company, Hui Da Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) the secure, Jiangsu Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hui Yun Adhesives Co., Ltd., National (Guangdong) Starch Industry Company, Fujian three mountain Starch Co., Ltd., Shanghai Warburg Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd., Chongqing subatomic biotechnology company, international pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines, Han Guoyu Star Co., Ltd., South Korea Chong from the industry, GFP Limited (Tanzania), Rich Medicine (Hong Kong, South Korea), 319 units 07 Research Institute , Shenyang powerful Ceramics Co., Ltd.,, Family Fiesta Ceramics Co., Ltd., Shenyang City, developed Ceramics Co., Ltd., Dong Jia Group, Nanjing Titanium Dioxide Chemical simexco Haopu, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Hubei the flourished Ceramics Co., Ltd., and high security, Zibo, Jingdezhen and Minqing pottery industry, Titanium users around the world, selling products in domestic and foreign markets.
First, the use
        Food industry: aloe vera, coconut juice, pineapple syrup, emulsion pig, chicken paste, chili sauce, sesame, tea, ice cream, moon cake stuffing (pie filling), butter, jam, fruit juice, soybeans, soybean paste, red bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malted milk, flavors, spices, beer, vegetable protein, animal protein and a variety of food and beverage.
        Chemical industry: paints, pigments, dyes, paints, lubricants, synthetic grease, grease, diesel, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, detergents, plastic, adhesive, glass, steel, synthetic leather, leather emulsified.
        Household chemicals: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, bath essence, soap and balm.
        Pharmaceutical industry: various types of syrup, nutrition, medicine, poultice, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines, various creams, oral, injection and intravenous fluid.
        Construction industry: a variety of coatings. Including interior and exterior paints, anti-corrosion waterproof paint, wallpaper coating, coating cloth industry, cold porcelain paint, colorful paint, ceramic glazes and spray.
        Other industry: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, titanium dioxide industry, fire-retardant materials, glue, carbon black, coal flotation agent, rare earth, nanomaterials and military, and other new materials.

Second, the principle
        The basic working principle of the HS-JTM series colloid mill is cut, grinding and high-speed stirring force, crushing grinding rely on disc toothed bevel relative motion made, one of the high-speed rotation, and the other still make the material by toothed bevel materials subject to a great deal of high-speed shearing force and friction while the high speed of the material under the force of complexity in high-frequency vibrations and high-speed vortex squeeze grind, high shear beating, stirring, coated, grinding, emulsification, grinding, mixing, dispersing and homogenizing Narrow ultrafine particles pulverized, thereby obtaining a higher effectiveness.


Third, the device structure

        The HS-JTM series colloid mill a number of patented products: a compact design, utility models, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, easy to operate, simply decorated, durable, wide, high production efficiency, processing fine Υ fine material ideal processing equipment.

      HS-JTM series colloid mill products in addition to the motor and some parts, all parts in contact with material made ​​of high strength stainless steel, in particular, the key dynamic and static disc intensive treatment, with good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, so that the processing of non-polluting materials health purity. Users can also be special requirements can be customized.

        Hao Star Technology http://www.86999999.com, colloid mill and its main structure by grinding head parts, the base transmission; special motor three parts. Machine core part of the moving disc with static disc, a combination of mechanical seal parts of the system is the most key part of the machine. Therefore, according to the different selection of the nature of the material to be processed must be different. But the material are made of stainless steel or special materials made ​​of. Motor depending on the model need for special design and installation of retaining plate on the motor flange side, to prevent leakage. The small colloid mill structure shown in Figure 1, vertical colloid mill (also known as Siamese colloid mill) split colloid mill (near the Siamese colloid mill) structure, horizontal colloid mill structure diagram, pipeline colloid mill (grinding pipeline pump) Mill closed (fully enclosed structure) Figure 6.

小型胶体磨系列(实验室专用机)结构 图一
1.底座 2.电动机 3.壳体 4.主轴 5.机械密封组件 6.手柄 7.定位螺丝8.加料斗
9.进料通道 10.旋叶刀 11.调节盘 12.静磨盘 13.动磨盘 14.循环管
(5)立式胶体磨系列结构 图二
1.底座 2.电动机 3.端盖 4.循环管 5.手柄 6.调节盘 7.冷却水管接头
8.加料斗 9.旋叶刀(动磨盘紧固螺纹) 10.动磨盘 11.定位螺钉 12.静磨盘
13.冷却通道 14.机械密封组件 15.壳体 16.主轴轴承 17.排漏管接头

Split colloid mill series structure diagram

1. Driven pulley bearing spindle 4 base 5 bearings 6. Discharge port O-ring. Feed scraper

Handle 10. Gland 11 Union 12. Hopper 13. The rotary vane knife 14. Moving disc 15 static disc 16. Adjustment dial

17. Mechanical seal assembly 18 of the housing 19. Cooling water inlet and drain hole 20. Motor 21. Adjusting screw

22 V-belt 23. Motor mount 24. Driving pulley 25. Base

Horizontal colloid mill - the whole family structure diagram

1 base 2 motor 3. Leak-port 4. Discharge port 5. Circulation pipe 6. Handle 7. Adjustment dial 8 cooling joints

Hopper 10. The rotary vane knife 11. Moving disc to 12 static disc 13. Scale 14.O-ring 15. Mechanical seal

16 of the housing 17. Ball bearing 18. Cover

Pipeline colloid mill (grinding pump) [patented product structure Figure

1 base 2 motor 3. Leak-port 4. Discharge port 5. Export pipeline handle 7. Adjustment plate 8. Cooling joints

Inlet pipe 10. The rotary vane knife 11. Moving disc 12. Static disc 13. Scale 14.O-ring

15 fixing screws 16. Shell 17. The flush combination of mechanical sealing device


(State Intellectual Property Office ZL2004200541273 four patent certificate)

Mill closed series structure diagram VI

1. Feed inlet 2. Circulation pipe cooling pipe joints. Rotary vane knife handle static disc 7 O-ring

8. The discharge port 9, the movable disc 10 of the main frame 11 the base 12 of the end cap 13 of the housing 14. Spindle

Closure cap 17. Endoscope 15. Hopper 16.

Fourth, the installation

        Hao JM series colloid mill operation is steady, slight vibration, according to the production and use of horizontal lines need to be placed flat on the ground, or installed on a cement foundation. User-friendly production and use of various types of colloid mill the bottom of the seat has a mounting hole Vertical Colloid installation dimensions shown in Figure 7, horizontal colloid mill - stand-alone type (horizontal colloid mill - the whole pipeline grinding pump, another noted) installation dimensions shown in Figure 8. Machine connection: funnel (hopper) or pipeline-connected.

立式胶体磨系列安装 图七

Horizontal colloid mill (single type) series installation diagram 8.

Fifth, install the operating

        A good connection into the hopper or feed tube and the discharge port, connect the discharge circulation pipe, and then connected to the cooling water (JM-L50A, b cold water pipe system) and drain the drain pipe.

        2, the installation the power boot device, (if conditions coupled with ammeter and light or inverter, etc.) connect the power, in particular, to pay attention to the direction of the boot operation, discriminating whether the motor is rotating in the normal direction, or from the feed tube The diameter is to see whether the direction of the same colloid mill 'red warning signs' direction of rotation arrow consistent clockwise. The absolute prohibition of idling (the cavity Queliao liquid) and reverse.

        3, colloid mill factory, the the device discharge port box equipped with a good tune limit screw, the disc space is in the best processing fineness pitch. Regulation of disc space, first discharge port box cap screw Panasonic, will not boot adjustment handle on the disk (dial) 'counterclockwise' loosen 'clockwise' then turn the adjustment dial, turn the adjusting disk feel a little resistance stop immediately, then adjust the scale on the disk at the body pointer readings to determine dynamic the static disc gap '0 '. Digital reading on the dial ring to remember this number other than 0 degrees disc between '0 ', then reverse (counterclockwise) so that automatically adjust the disk laps, the gap of the static disc is slightly greater than 0. The scale of the adjustment dial to advance and retreat every one cell to 0.01mm. Generally meet the the processing fineness of the material required, as far as possible, the disc space to maintain a certain distance, while the handle will adjust the locking plate, and then into the feed inlet box upper limit screw adjustment to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

        Connected to the cooling water injected 1 to about 2kg of liquid material or other liquid and processing of materials, and wet material remains in the circulation pipe reflux. Before starting the colloid mill to be operating normally immediately after feeding into the colloid mill processing, idling colloid mill can also be exempt from this.

        5, before shutting down the feed hopper or the cavity left right amount of water or other liquid and processing of materials, and wet material remains in the circulation pipe reflux. Power must maintain a certain amount of wet material reflux and immediately put the material in the hopper, otherwise it will damage the hard combination seals and even cause leakage burning motor.

        6, processing materials, pay attention to the motor load, found overload to reduce feeding.

        7, colloid mill in action, promise never close the draw valve, to avoid grinding chamber pressure is too high and causing a leak.

        Colloid mill is a high-precision machinery, very little disc space, the dynamic transfer speed. The operator should be strictly positions, operating according to rules and regulations, found that failure to timely shutdown, troubleshooting and then production.

        9, colloid mill, should be thoroughly disinfected, cleaned inside the body, without rendering the material left in the body, in order to avoid rigid mechanical bonding damage to the machine.

Sixth, maintenance and repair

        1, Hao Star colloid mill for high-precision machinery, wire-speed up to 20m / s, and disc gap is very small. Maintenance Replace the housing and the spindle must be corrected with a dial indicator concentricity error ≤ 0.05mm.

        Repair the machine apart, replace the adjustment process, never allowable iron Chung direct hit. Application wooden hammer gently tap or mat pieces of wood, in order to avoid damage to the components.

        3, the machine seals: divided into static and dynamic sealing. Static sealing rubber O-ring, hard mechanical seal combined with dynamic seal. Hard sealing surface should be scratched immediately in glass or tablet casting grinding repair, abrasive better ≥ 200 # silicon carbide abrasive paste. If the seal is broken or serious rift Please be replaced immediately.

        4, in the course should be based on processed materials, as appropriate, carry out regular maintenance.

        5, maintenance and use of the motor, please refer to the motor manual.

        6, Spares substantially GB, the bureau standard parts, all over the country were purchased.