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Operation principle

Operation principle

Hao Star ZB series rotary lobe pump is also called ROOTS pump, stainless steel rotor pump, cam pump, universal transportation pump, barm pump, butterfly pump, three-leaf pump, sole pump, spicery pump, hot melt rotary lobe pump, granule rotary lobe pump, dreg pump, albumen dreg pump, high dense slurry pump, etc.£¬relies on the suction force (vacuum degree) produced by two synchronously reversing rotors in the course of rotation to suck materials that need to be transported. The two rotors divide the rotor room into several small rooms, and operate according to the order of a¡úb¡úc¡úd; when operate to position a, only room I is full of mediums; when operate to position b, part of mediums is sealed up in room B; when operate to position c, part of mediums is sealed up in room A either; and when operate to position d, room A and B is interlinked with room II, and the mediums are transported to discharge hole.

Product feature:
£±¡¢All the contact parts between machine and medium (material) are made by stainless steel (material SUS304¡¢AISI316¡¢316L), accord with sanitary standard completely.
£²¡¢Suitable for transporting the mediums (material) of high viscidity, high density and containing granules.
£³¡¢Proper temperature -30 to +200¡æ
£´¡¢With high pressure, suitable for long-distance and high-resistance ration transportation.
£µ¡¢Low rotate speed, generally from 200 rpm to 600 rpm, the transported materials can remain original quality, without any physical or chemical reaction.
£¶¡¢Without touch between two rotors, without abrasion after long use, with little noise and high benefit.
£·¡¢Novel design, easy to install and maintain, convenient to clean to guarantee sanitation and cleanness of inner part and production.