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Instructions for use

Instructions for use

First, the main technical parameters
Model specifications: Flow: T / h
Motor power: Kw Speed​​: rmp
Outlet pressure: ≥ 0.2 Mpa

Second, the installation and commissioning
1, check the import and export of high-shear dispersing emulsifier seal is intact, whether the debris, metal shavings mixed with other substances detrimental to the body of the device.
2, check the motor and machine during transportation or if there is any damage to the library phenomenon, connect the power switch contacts electrical safety devices to be installed.
3, in the import and export of the equipment connected with the process tube Qiu, first cleaning process piping, process piping in ensuring that no welding slag, scrap metal, scrap glass, quartz sand and other hard substances detrimental to equipment connected to this unit before.
4, RH pipeline equipment selection and installation location of the nearest part of the container, such as the bottom of the container. The piping must be simple and direct, to minimize the use of elbow piping components. Thereby reducing the flow of material in the process of resistance.
5, WRL intermittent equipment selection and installation location of the container holding the vertical level is appropriate, such as tilt when installed, must be well sealed to moisture, dust, moisture-proof, explosion-proof.
6, in the boot before the first disc rotation axis, uniform texture should feel light and heavy, flexible, and no other friction sound and unusual sound.
7, SRH pipeline equipment installed pipeline, the import and export of pipe clamp with quick-loading union structure.
8, all of the above work is completed, turn on the power unit, repeatedly switch check whether the capstan motor turning the steering signs consistent with non-reverse, idling. If the machine functioning to production use.

Third, the product structure diagram (SRW series)

Fourth, the use and maintenance

1, SRH pipelined devices usually connected before booting the mechanical seal cooling water, stopping when the first shutdown and then cut off the cooling water. Cooling water using tap water. Cooling water pressure ≦ 0.2Mpa. Materials must be switched into the working chamber, and to ensure that the case is not expected to run off to avoid idling the mechanical seal (mechanical seal) due to high temperature burn or affecting life. Cooling water inlet fitting with hose size diameter? 5mm hose.
2, confirm turn mechanical seal cooling water, start the motor, the motor turning repeatedly asked to be consistent with the spindle turning mark before running to work strictly prohibited reverse!
3, the use of the machine, must be continuously input or liquid material within the container to maintain a certain amount. Should avoid empty running, so as not to generate heat within the material in the work or crystalline curing damage to the equipment, non-idling!
4, usually only through high weight to SRH pipeline equipment into the material, enter the feed must be continuous to keep the material has good fluidity. The fluidity of the material is poor, when the viscosity ≧ 4000CP SRH pipeline equipment imports be equipped with a pump, pump pressure 0.3Mpa. Select the pump should colloid pump (cam rotor pump) and the like, its flow pipeline emulsifier selected traffic
Range match. (Should be greater than the minimum flow value less than the maximum flow value)
5, non-metallic chips or hard work hard broken debris into the body cavity to avoid working stator, rotor and equipment devastating damage.
6, the device during operation once the abnormal sound or other failure, should immediately stop inspection, to be troubleshooting and then run. After the shutdown should the working chamber and the stator and rotor clean.
7, SRH pipeline equipment such as craft work chamber can reprovision the insulation layer, the material used for cooling or heating, the boot when the first connected to the cooling fluid or thermal oil. Insulation sandwich working pressure ≤ 0.2Mpa, with temperature in the processing requirements (such as asphalt) must be heated or cooled to normal operating temperature, disk drive, boot.
8, the equipment in flammable and explosive working environment, then you must use the appropriate level of explosion-proof motor.
9, the production has been completed, the device must be clean clean, so while maintaining the stator and rotor efficiency can play a role in protecting the sealing machine. If necessary, in the vicinity of the peripheral device design and installation of a wash cycle.
10, according to the user using different media, import and export filters must be cleaned regularly to avoid reducing the feed rate affect production efficiency. Into the working chamber materials must be fluid, not allowed to have dry powder, clumps of material directly into the machine, otherwise boring machine will cause damage to the equipment.
11, regularly check the stator and rotor and found excessive wear, corresponding parts should be replaced to ensure dispersion, emulsification effect.
12, SRH pipelined operation of equipment found axis of liquid leakage, you must shut down after adjusting mechanical seal pressure. (Attached at the back: mechanical seal for use when a detailed description)
13, the use of this equipment before we can work out the appropriate safety procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment operation. In the electrical control system user to set safety protection system, and have a good and reliable electrical motor grounding device.

Five, equipment removal and installation

(A) demolition
1, disassembly instructions for SRH pipeline as an example (WRL main part of the same batch, so slightly) See schematic SRH pipeline products, remove the front part of the connection with the device removed, without prejudice to the work site demolition equipment disassembly work .
2, release the stator (1) on the bolts, loose after panning out. Note: be careful, do not make the stator teeth and the rotor body collide to avoid damage to the stator and rotor.
3, with Ø10 round into the spindle (6) on the assembly and disassembly process holes on the shaft with a wrench Panasonic cap nut, remove the rotor (2) and adjusting sleeve.
4 Remove the coupling bracket (4) and housing (working chamber) (3) on the bolts, and remove the casing (3).
5, the mechanical seal (mechanical seal) (5) disassembly Annex: mechanical seal for use.
6, loosen the motor shaft set screws, remove the spindle apparatus that demolition is completed.
(Two) installation
Installation methods of operation in reverse order of removal, by analogy.

Six. Faults



Fault exclusion

SRH pipeline out of material or the material is too small

1, the valve did not open or inlet and outlet pipe blockage.

Open the valve, clearing a clogged pipe.

2, the pipeline process complexity, the resistance is too large.

Simplify and shorten the piping circuit design.

3, the device is inverted.

Adjust the motor power connection lines.

4, the material viscosity is too large.

Device additional pump inlet or dilution materials.

Metal friction sound equipment vibration issue

1, by a rigid material such as metal the impact, causing the eccentric shaft.

Clear Hard impurities, replace the spindle.

2, by the metal and other hard materials impact, causing slight resistance of stator and rotor deformation.

Clear Hard impurities, repair or replace the stator and rotor.

Device is not running dial does not move suddenly.

1、By metal shavings and other hard materials impurities impact, causing the spindle eccentricity or the stator and rotor deformation killed.

Clear Hard impurities, repair or replace the stator and rotor. 

2、Material viscosity is too high or the import front SRH pipeline transport traffic overload trip or motor burnout.

Adjust the viscosity of the material, select a feed pump flow matching or adjusting the feed pump flow.


1、Static ring damage.

Replace static seals.

2、Sealing face uneven force.

Adjust the sealing face of the force.

3, the mechanical seal leakage.

Replacement of mechanical seal or dynamic and static ring O-ring.