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Mechanical seals

Mechanical seals

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Mechanical seal maintenance instructions


A) Conditions of use

   Medium: water, oil, weak acid, weak base pressure:-0.1-o.6 Mpa

   Line speed: ≤ 2m / s Temperature: -20-180 ℃

2) .. Install mechanical seal on the technical requirements

  1 Install mechanical seal shaft axis (or sleeve) runout tolerance <0.04mm, outer diameter tolerance h6, surface roughness Ra less than 3.2um.

 (2) Install the seal or other similar rotary machine is in operation, the rotor axial runout does not exceed 0.3mm.

 3 seal chamber and the sealing cover with the end face of the positioning shaft (or sleeve) surface runout tolerances better 0.04mm; secondary seal contact area with a surface roughness Ra of not more than 3.2um.

3) mechanical seal installation and removal

 A Precautions before installation

   1 should first check the shaft before installing (or sleeve) surface and the seal chamber wall, the inner surface of the sealing gland for burrs, grooves, etc. If you find glitches, grooves should Shuhei. Polish and clean with gasoline, keep it clean , can not leave dirt on the surface.

   2 Check mechanical seal all parts for damage of the Department, especially static ring seal faces have bruised marks if the unit is damaged should be repaired or replaced. Gasoline to clean the parts required to keep parts of the surface powder special is the friction face) No dust, iron and other impurities.

   3 are not allowed to use dirty wiping action. Stationary ring, apply a clean, soft gauze or tissue paper and other things scrub. Assembly should be moving. Stationary ring seal face and ring seal and the shaft (or sleeve ) cleaning the contact surface coated with oil or turbine oil.

B Mechanical seal installation

This mechanical seal is built-in mechanical seal assembly relationship shown in Figure IV.

Installation steps are as follows:

1, the election of the mechanical seal installed as shown into the cavity and tighten the mounting screws (8).

(2) The mechanical seal sleeve set screws (1) and tighten.

3 Loosen the screws (2) and then positioning block (3) remove it.

Removal and installation procedure in reverse order;

1. The positioning block (3) card into the sleeve, and then tighten the screws (2).

(2) The mechanical seal sleeve glued screw (1) Loosen.

3 Loosen the screw (8), then the mechanical seal taken down from the cavity.

5). Use of mechanical seals

  A mechanical seal for hydrostatic test before driving, check the mechanical seal leaks is like if there is a leak is like, should identify the cause of the leak, and seek to eliminate, if valid, should be demolished and re-check the installation. Beat until static pressure without leakage (or minor leakage so far).

2 jigger, rotation, rotation with the machines work the same as the test is the same, whether the experiment feel relaxed, if the disc does not move or sweaty, you should check for proper installation.

3 special attention should be selected before starting inspection chamber filled with liquid, should pay attention to the exclusion of the vapor seal cavity clean, choose to open the cooling water, and then start running. During the operation of the mechanical seal must not appear friction state.

4 election parking off after sealing liquid inlet valve.

6). Mechanical seal operation and maintenance


Equipment operation, pay attention to the following matters:

1 each time the device is finished running, the pressure control during this period, such as more than 0.05Mpa, after 360 hours use at work must be filled with clean oil to Yasumasa mechanical seal to better use next time, if the working temperature exceeds 120 ℃, need water cooling.

(2) If leakage after startup is like, such as small leaks can be observed for some time until leakage is normal so far, nowhere 10 hours continuous operation if the leak is not reduced, you should stop and check.

3 operation should always check when running leakage exceeds the standard, you should stop and check.

4 Note that temperature changes, run the initial temperature stabilizes at a sealed cavity is not hot is appropriate.

7) the warranty period

A cooling cycle for specialized mechanical seal, the work did not pass coolant circulation, drying machine seal friction burn.