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Wenzhou Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing, trading, research, information, services and other multi-functional high-tech joint-stock cooperative enterprises. Company specialized in development and production Hao Star Machinery Equipment / Dairy Equipment / Food Machinery / Chemicals Pharmaceutical Machinery: high emulsifying mixer, gouache efficient mixer, mixing pump MC-18-2 Series - efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) of the product is our patent product (the other two patents in the approval process) is the absorption of foreign advanced technology developed products, superior quality, high performance, long enjoyed the reputation, reasonable price, won the favor at home and abroad. Hao Star has a utility model, the appearance of a number of new technologies such as Chinese patent inventions, is a national initiative, utility models, novel, environmentally friendly energy, small size, high efficiency, fast delivery, reasonable price, etc., to make your system more reliable , more quiet, more power.

Sanitary efficient mixer (sanitary Gouache mixer, mixing pump) colloid / wet grinder / plastic grinder / Titanium grinding machine / High Shear Emulsifier / Homogenizer / homogeneous pump / mixer / colloid pump / slurry pump / rotor pump / screw / MC Pump / Laboratory with high-pressure homogenizer ┃ high shear emulsifying machine (both high shear milk machine _ high shear liquid _ high shear homogenizer mixer , high shear dispersing emulsifier, intermittent high shear emulsifying machine, Inline High-shear emulsifying machine, kettle bottom dispersing emulsifier, homogenizer, emulsifying machine, mixing pump ┃ colloidal colloid mill / Multifunction colloid / Vertical Colloid _ Split / Horizontal colloid / colloid overall stainless steel / Mill closed / fully enclosed colloid / pipeline colloid / Titanium colloid / colloid pharmaceutical / chemical colloid / emulsion colloid / bitumen colloid mill / chicken colloid / ceramic colloid / large colloid / small laboratory colloid mill / grinding machine / wet grinder / ultrafine particles refiner / Titanium grinding machine / mill glaze fine ┃ High pressure homogenization machine / high pressure homogenizer / homogenizing pump / sterilization emulsion homogeneous pump pot ┃ ┃ horizontal stainless steel beverage pump / (_ milk beverage pump centrifugal pump _ sanitary pump) split gouache Mixer / Vertical Gouache mixing pump ( liquid mixer _ _ gouache gouache mixers Mixer Mixer _ _ liquid material mixing liquid feed pump) ┃ thick stainless steel pump / cam rotor pump (universal pump _ soles _ clover pump pump pump colloid colloid __ pumps) ┃ single-pole screw / screw thick paste ┃ _ sand core filter sieve sand bar (filtration equipment) ┃ ┃ activated carbon filter sieve microporous membrane cartridge filter type ┃ ┃ double-filter-type diatomite filter clamp device ┃ ┃ ┃ union elbow / tee / straight / Stone ┃ quick connector / union / flange / blind / compensator / valve ┃ automatic tank washing device / fixed washing ball / rotating cleaning ball / wash tank ball valve tube ┃ ┃ Health

Wenzhou Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. combines their technical superiority and customer needs, since 2004, Chairman Mr. Yang Jianying since the beginning through scientific and technological applications for SIPO ZL2004200541273, ZL2006200759997 ten national patent certificate, and led by the company's technical department staff to create a simple to use and rugged durable JM multifunctional colloid mill colloid mills (vertical colloid mill, colloid mill split, horizontal colloid mill, closed colloid mill, colloid mill pipeline , Titanium grinding machine) series, colloid pump ZB series, emulsifying homogenizer SRH series, single screw pump GS series, emulsifying dispersion machine WRL series, mixer THJ Series, protein powder liquid mixer MC18 series self-priming dispersed emulsion mixer SSC series and other products. Superior quality, high performance, long enjoyed the reputation, reasonable price, won the favor at home and abroad. Owned utility models, such as Chinese patented inventions, is a national initiative, utility models, novel, environmentally friendly energy, small size, high efficiency, fast delivery, reasonable price, etc., to make your system more reliable, more static , more power. Laboratory dedicated machine, such as the procurement of equipment units: China University of Petroleum, Beijing Agricultural College, Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Shandong Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University, Shanghai Medical University, Capital Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology, Wuhan Institute of Biological Engineering, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Shanxi Normal University, Yangtze Normal University, Guangdong University, Hunan Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University, Wuhan University, the Chinese People's Institute of Construction Engineering **** Army General Logistics Department, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Xiamen University, Food Engineering, School of Biological Sciences, Southern Medical University, Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University, Yichang First People's Hospital, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Suzhou Institute of non-metallic minerals, Xinjiang-based natural purification of high-tech research , Tianjin Chemical Research & Design Institute, Heilongjiang Province Chemical Research Institute, Nanjing blueprint for research institutes, Hainan Institute of Materia Medica, Guangdong Paper Research Institute, Hunan and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other units. (Some already use the unit - Click to view)

Food industry: emulsified or mixed types of protein powder, concentrated fruit juice, long fiber drinks, soups, a variety of jams, juices, mashed potatoes, mustard cake, etc.;
Dairy: homogeneous mixing fermented dairy products: yogurt, soft cheese, butter, dairy products and other renewable;
Dairy products: dispersive mixing such as ice cream, chocolate milk, cocoa, CMC, starch, malt extract, etc.;
Biomedical Industry: Medical protein powder, tissue homogenates, cell tissue body crushed, injections; antibiotics; medicine ointment; microcapsule emulsion, etc.;
Cosmetic Industry: Emulsion various creams, lip balm, liquid detergent, cleanser, skin care products, shampoo, etc.;
Chemical industry: emulsion resin, titanium dioxide, surface active agent, carbon black dispersion; dyes paints;
Petrochemical industry: emulsified asphalt; modified asphalt; heavy oil emulsion; diesel emulsion; lubricants; silicone emulsion, etc.;
Homogeneous production of PVC plasticizers: a variety of emulsifiers, emulsion, additives, and other technology applications in the field.

Mixed and dissolved:
Soluble solid or liquid and liquid state molecular or colloidal crystal powder blend together, salt, sugar, ether sulfates, abrasives, hydrocolloids, CMC, thixotropic agents, rubber, natural and synthetic resins

Dispersed suspension:
Immiscible with the liquid to form a more solid mixture or suspension of granular catalysts, matting agents, pigments, graphite, paint, aluminum, compound fertilizer, inks, fillers, herbicides, fungicides

Homogeneous emulsion:
Liquid immiscible with the liquid and not separated, ice cream, animal oil, vegetable oil, protein, silicone oil, light oil, mineral oil, paraffin wax and wax emulsions, rosin

Homogeneous mixture:
The smaller particle size of emulsions and suspensions, more uniform distribution of butter, spices, fruit juice, jam, spices, cheese, fat emulsion, toothpaste, printing inks, enamels

Puree resolve:
Tissue, organism,
Animal and plant tissues

Chemical reactions:
Nano-materials, accelerating inflation, accelerated compositing

Extraction depolymerization:
Nano-powder, powder agglomeration, eddy current extraction。

Precipitation demulsification:
Oil emulsion dehydration