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Sanitary efficient emulsification mixing pump (Click the picture more detail)

Sanitary efficient emulsification mixing pump (Click the picture more detail)

                        Horizontal HSMC-18-2W Sanitary efficient emulsification mixing pump

Split HSMC-18-2F health class high-speed emulsifying mixer

Hao Star enterprise specialized in R & D, design, manufacturing dairy machinery and equipment, food equipment, food machinery and chemical pharmaceutical machinery equipment: Leading products HS MC-18-2 Series Sanitary efficiently dispersed emulsion mixer known as: sanitary and efficient emulsification mixer, sanitary and efficient emulsifying mixer, split sanitary efficient emulsifying mixer, horizontal sanitary and efficient emulsification pump, vertical mixing pump Gouache emulsification, liquid emulsion mixer, gouache emulsifying mixers, blenders, mixers liquid feed mixer, mixing pump liquid material, dispersing emulsifying mixer, sanitary emulsion mixing pump, sanitary and efficient mixer, efficient emulsification mixing pump, sanitary mixers, sanitary and efficient mixer, solid emulsifying mixer, pipeline emulsified or mixed (machine) pumps. Dispersed emulsion mixing pump high efficiency gouache, watercolor dispersed emulsion mixer, protein powder liquid mixer, high speed and efficiency homogeneous emulsifying mixer (hereinafter referred to as: high emulsifying mixer), and a variety of colloid mill, wet grinder, grinding rotor, plastic grinder, grinding machine, high shear emulsifying machine, heterogeneous machines, homogenizing pumps, mixers, colloid pump, slurry pump, rotor pump, screw pump, pump thick, high shear emulsifying machine (high shear milk were cut, high shear liquid mixers, high shear homogenizer, emulsifying homogeneous pump), colloid (colloid mills colloid mill products won seven national patent) - colloid mill, vertical colloid mill, sub- asanas colloid mill, horizontal colloid mill, fine 'overall stainless steel' colloid mill, Mill closed, fully enclosed colloid mill, colloid mill pipeline, titanium dioxide colloid mill, pharmaceutical colloid mill, chemical colloid, emulsion colloid mill, bitumen colloid mill, colloid mill chicken, ceramic colloid mill, large colloid mill, lab colloid mill, small colloid mill, grinding machine, multi mill, titanium dioxide Grinder (number of national patents, including patents pending) wet mill, ultrafine grinding machine, ultrafine mill, glaze refiner) high-pressure homogenizer (high pressure homogenizer, homogenizer pumps, laboratory dedicated high-pressure homogenizer), horizontal retorts, stainless steel beverage pump / (_ milk beverage pump centrifugal pump _ sanitary pumps) Gouache mixer (split gouache Mixer, Vertical Gouache mixing pump, high-speed solid-liquid emulsion mixer, liquid mixer, gouache mixers, liquid material mixers, liquid material mixing pump, suction powder dispersed emulsion mixing machine, suction powder dispersed emulsion mixing pump) thick stainless steel pump, rotor pump (cam pump, universal pump, pump shoes, clover pump, colloid pump colloid pumps), single-pole screw (thick slurry screw), filtration equipment (sand core filter, the sand bar filters, activated carbon filters, microporous membrane cartridge filters, duplex filters, diatomaceous earth filters ), tank washing device (device automatic washing tank, tank washing ball, cleaning ball, spherical tank washing device), sanitary valves, fittings. 

      Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) The product is our patent product (the other two patents in the approval process) is the absorption of foreign advanced technology developed products, superior quality, high performance, long enjoyed the reputation, reasonable price won the Sea internal and external customers of all ages. Hao Star has a utility model, the appearance of a number of new technologies such as Chinese patent inventions, is a national initiative, utility models, novel, environmentally friendly energy, small size, high efficiency, fast delivery, reasonable price, etc., to make your system more reliable , more quiet, more power. 

    Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) is to use a completely different mechanical principle of automatic pipeline for shearing dispersion, mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing and other functions for advanced powder-liquid synchronization mechanism. The equipment system integrates all the necessary processing steps, all integrated in one machine all the processing is done instantly while completing a thorough solution to the traditional equipment problems difficult to solve some of the technology and online enclosed feeding, dosing and mixing integration complete. 

Product Features:
1 Hao Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) HSMC-18 series line (pipeline connections) priming powder to avoid dust pollution, solid-liquid and efficient dispersing, emulsifying, dissolving easily understood work becomes simple operation;
2 Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) using high-quality materials, well-made, lower noise, run more smoothly, ensure the machine's high quality;
3 Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) on non-polluting materials, module combination, is in line with medicine, food, cosmetics ideal choice for high cleanliness requirements;
4 Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) for pressure, vacuum, pressure, and other diverse working conditions, reasonable structure, easy assembly and disassembly cleaning;
5 Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) using machine commandment sealing methods: water cooling circulation system (patented technology), five times higher than traditional mechanical life, experts recommend this method is better;
6 Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) Suitable temperature: ≤ 130 (when selecting a higher temperature can be specified, be customized IU);
7 Motor: GB producing explosion-proof motor or ordinary asynchronous motor (for the election) Another special need to customize;
8 Material: SUS304, 304 or S-316, S-316L, 316,316 L (for the election);
9 Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) HSMC-18 series products processing flow depends on the material of high viscosity and a high concentration (density), the flow of the final product quality requirements;
10 Note: Hao Star efficient emulsifying mixer (pump) HSMC-18 series has a short-range feeding capacity, no self-priming capabilities are required to use the high feed: Material viscosity or high solid content resulted in the normal feeding and conveying, shall material selection pressure or transfer pump, pump pressure and flow rate to match with the selected models.