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Pipeline grinding pump

Pipeline grinding pump

    My company in recent years, multi-line grinding machine - grinding pipeline pump - Mill closed and other products, has won 20 national patents intellectual property rights certificate and a number of patents in the application, technology project approval and licensing awards and other honors

    Successful development of new products, the latest technology; grinding pump - pipeline grinding pump, also known as super-hard titanium Titanium mill grinding machine, silica colloid mill, grinding pump rotor grinding, grinding multifunction pipeline pumps, grinding and dispersing pump. grinding pumps.

    Pipeline pumps are ultra high speed grinding grinding and grinding pump conveying machine, the machine is equipped with special high-alloy steel grinding head - Jin Gangyu infiltration WC abrasion resistant corundum head infiltration WC, WC resistant corundum grinding infiltration, seepage WC wear plate, magic resistant grinding, grinding disc hardness HL800 wear pumps and grinding machine (also known as: multi-function grinding machine - Titanium grinding machine, colloid silica, titanium dioxide colloid pump, ground the pump ), the use of domestic and foreign leading technology level flush-cooled mechanical seal (own utility model 2, the other patents in the application), you can run dry without material circumstances, will not damage dynamic seal and mechanical properties , continuous operation, low maintenance, friction power is small, grinding, dispersion fineness small advantages.

   Pipeline Grinding Pump - grinding machine is the super hard titanium Titanium mill grinding machine special models is currently the lead instead of imported grinding machine or sanding machines, used titanium slag Preparation of food grade, pharmaceutical grade high-grade titanium - titanium dioxide ( active titanium dioxide) on the preparation process, the production efficiency is similar to the above product several times, reduce roll grinding and sanding process runs burden significantly reduce production costs, but the particle uniformity, easy to clean for color, non-abrasive impurities, using this device significantly improved whiteness, high dispersion and high weatherability.

    Pipeline Grinding Pump - grinding machine can match the multi-emulsification grinding machine, glue black titanium post-processing equipment and complete sets of equipment, making these devices function more perfect and fully automated machinery to improve the template, will play a lot of effect.

     Pipeline Grinding Pump - grinding machine especially suitable for fineness demanding, difficult ground, beating, extinction, coated, dispersed slurry feed or suspension, completely replace the imported three-roll machine, heterogeneous machines and other equipment, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and beverage, cosmetic, additives, titanium dioxide, carbon black, fireproof materials, waterproof materials, cloth industry, manufacturing industry production coatings, and so the use of units: Hunan Zhengyu black, Suzhou Haixiang Plastic Industry , Special New Material Rubber Group, the Group of Friends, CPC Chongqing Branch, Haopu, simexco, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Chongqing Titanium, Dong Jia Group, Gimpo Group, Nanjing Titanium Dioxide and other Chinese titanium dioxide carbon black other manufacturers used by leading enterprises, and praised by users.