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Automatic tank washing ball, washing ball, rotating spray ball

Automatic tank washing ball, washing ball, rotating spray ball

Hao Xing Machinery professional R & D, design, manufacturing, sales: electric heating ventilation, sanitary diaphragm valves, stainless steel cleaning ball, stainless steel wash tank, stainless steel pipe fittings, pipe filter; stainless steel tank washing machine: Clean tank washing ball | washing ball | cleaning ball | pot washing device | beverage industry pot washing device | sanitary rotary cleaning ball / stainless steel rotary cleaning ball / stainless steel tank washing device / quick rotary cleaning ball | fixed spray balls, spherical rotary spray ball, fixed cleaning ball , rotary cleaning ball, sanitary cleaning ball, stainless steel cleaning ball, sanitary cleaning ball, stainless steel cleaning ball, food grade cleaning ball, cleaning ball rotation, fixed cleaning ball, cleaning, washing tank, rotary washing tank, double loop pot washing device, T-cleaner, cleaning ball, sanitary cleaning ball, sanitary cleaning ball, stainless steel cleaning ball, food grade cleaning ball, cleaning ball rotation, screw rotary cleaning ball, cleaning ball rotary clamp, bolt rotation cleaning ball, cleaning ball welding rotary and fixed cleaning ball, cleaning ball screw-mounted, clamp-mounted cleaning ball, cleaning ball weld-mounted, bolt fixed cleaning ball, screw rotary cleaning, sanitation rotary cleaning ball, T rotary cleaner, universal automatic washing tank ball, sanitary wash ball, sanitary tank washing balls, sanitary spray ball / cleaning ball, spray, cleaning nozzles, nozzle;


Cleaning, washing ball series: including automatic washing tank, also known as wash tank ball. Universal tank washing ball, ball rotating washing tank, automatic tank washing balls, spherical tank washing ball, cleaning ball-type nozzle, tank washing balls, sanitary soldering cleaning ball / welding rotary cleaning ball / butt washer / washing tank unit, welding rotary cleaning ball, stainless steel double loop tank washing device, 360 degree rotating tank washing device, horn-type washing tank unit.

The use of:

Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, biotechnology and other industries a variety of large and small sealed container wall automatic cleaning, such as cleaning railway tank car, boxcar, a variety of chemical tanks, storage tanks, oil tankers tanks, etc., and applies to pharmaceutical, enzymatic hydrolysis, beer, manufacturing milk, drinks factory tank cleaning. Such as increased water pressure and nozzle diameter, also can be cleaned three thousand cubic meters of the volumes of large tanks.


Product Features: Clean tank washing ball, wash tank type washing tank series of advanced design, the use of water jet nozzle reaction force driving their rotation, small power consumption, erosion force, with automatic speed control features, high efficiency, stable operation. Hao Star wash tank compact structure, small size, light weight, use and maintenance are convenient Pot washing device


Technical parameters:




Note: Model HSQ-0.6, -2.5 inches (tube internal thread), 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 42mm, 50mm, 64mm (quick union: clamp type, trapezoidal thread) Working pressure PN0.3 ~ 1.0MPa, Operating temperature is less than 100 degrees, the automatic washing tank is equipped full flow of the pump 35 to 50 tons / hour, lift 50 to 60 meters, the material using SUS-304, SUS316L stainless steel, etc., washing radius greater than 8 meters, water 12 t / h . The use of materials must comply with the relevant national food hygiene standards, automatic washing tank is also customized according to special requirements of users. Product is very suitable for food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, brewing, beer, chemical, oil and other industries.