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Pneumatic slurry pumps - cylinder seals

Pneumatic slurry pumps - cylinder seals

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Pneumatic slurry pump (referred to as: pneumatic pumps, slurry pumps, also known as: leather spray pumps, high viscosity slurry pumps, pneumatic pumps, pneumatic paint pump, pneumatic piston, pneumatic explosion-proof drum pumps, pneumatic reciprocating pump )
◆ Hao Star pneumatic pump according to user specific requirements, customized interfaces and access to various types of pump connecting pipe size

A pneumatic slurry pumps purpose:
         Pneumatic slurry pumps used in leather, textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, wallpaper, coating, color coated steel tile, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, spray paint, film aluminum, glass, steel, steel, petroleum, mining, shipbuilding, automotive, communications, electrical and refrigeration industries. Pneumatic pump for high viscosity (VIS) 5 万 CPS/25 ℃ liquid slurry transportation, with corrosion-resistant anti-settling, low noise, energy and other functions. Pneumatic slurry pump is ideal for mobile transportation equipment.

Second, pneumatic slurry pump use:
1, the first guide tube to be transported right into the tanks.
2, the corrosion-resistant material outlet hose connection to the feeding site.
3, the intake valve was closed, and then connect the air supply pipe inlet connector, according to the required slurry flow to open the intake valve pneumatic slurry pumps operating frequency, can work.

Third, pneumatic slurry pump maintenance:
A pneumatic pump during use to prevent the collision cylinder parts to avoid distortion, made life Fonseca died, the result is scrapped.
2, the piston running Hundred thousand times, according to the aspirated air compressor case water accumulates in the process should be clear cylinder, coated Note 30 # lubricants.
3, such as prolonged unused, should be working in a solvent like cleaning, to prevent freezing of the slurry, blocking the feeding tube.

Fourth, pneumatic slurry pumps Note:
1, pneumatic slurry pumps - Hao Star pneumatic pump at work, such as the cylinder parts to heat (to feel hot subject), should immediately add 30 # lubricants.
2, the use of the process such as adjusting the seal wear, the occurrence of leakage of material, should adjust the adjusting nut.