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Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Hao Star colloid pump (stainless steel rotor pump) instructions for use

First, sketch

    1, double row ball bearing 2, pump mechanical seal 3, O-ring 4, the pump cover 5, trefoil pump pulley 6, pump 7, stud 8, bearing gland 9, bearing support 10, the gear box 11, tapered roller bearings 12, drive shaft 13, the main shaft 14, gear box cover 15, the helical gear wheel (one pair) 16, seal 17, O-ring

Second, the assembly    

Third, the installation

Since the pump does not come with the motor, adjusting devices and base plates and other accessories, so the installation of the pump, the Greek refer to the figure (installation diagram) and the technical parameters of the table in front of the motor power and maximum speed limits, the appropriate choice of motor (the best selection of variable speed motors) model and a flexible coupling, and selected in accordance with the pump and motor center height, the preparation of a stainless steel base plate.

    During installation. It should also be noted that several issues:
     1, the pump and the motor output shaft coupling, you should first ensure their correction levels and only after two coaxial couplings installed, otherwise it will cause mechanical damage.

    2, because the pumps are of constant volume pump, fixed displacement per revolution, once the procedure is stopped for any reason the pump continues to work, the pump pressure will be infinitely increased, leading to leaking seals, mechanical damage, etc. accident, therefore, must take effective preventive measures. Example: upper and lower inter-process should be linked, when the upper and lower process shutdown, stop the pump while working. Example Two, you can pipe the output loaded safety valve and overpressure loop system, once the overpressure will automatically unloading.
     3, if the control valve on the pump plus words, can only be installed on the pump inlet piping and outlet piping should not be installed control valves, overpressure is easy to make mistakes.
Fully installed, it should conduct a comprehensive inspection, including rugged mechanical, electrical wiring, etc., and then turn the pump by hand 3 to 5 turns, observing whether to listen or loosening stuck until the normal date, then pass the electric commissioning, such as unusual, because stopping maintenance, paternity everything is normal before delivery.

Fourth, the operation

    The pump is easy to operate, safe, just press a button, power on, it starts to work, to ensure that the pump can work better, but also pay attention to the following essentials.
    1, in the open before the pump: First check the pump parts are intact into and out of the pipeline valve is fully open, in short, must ensure mechanical integrity, pipeline flow.

    2, in the open when the pump: You must let the next process equipment before starting work, and then to activate the pump.
    3, during operation and be ready to pay attention to action is normal, if found to stop the pump before or after the pump blocking phenomenon, should be shut down, then boot troubleshooting.
    4, when the line stops working, they should be shut down process has followed, that after the first pump is stopped, and then stop the pump on the back of the device.

    For any mechanical equipment, usually done bad maintenance work, which is reflected not only in the production of normal, more importantly, the direct impact of the use of mechanical equipment ordered, for the pump, is no exception, therefore, note the following aspects of maintenance work.
    1, seals, pump seals divided into static and dynamic Seals Seals, branched static member sealing ring (see Figure I, member 3) should be taken not to have surface scratches or bumps, otherwise directly affect the sealing effect; Seals for dynamic, because it will be under pressure transmission medium size and corrosion, as well as media particle wear many other factors (see Figure 1 piece 2) If the slightest mistake, it is likely there will be leakage happen. Once the product leaks, it is timely downtime, wipe with a soft, clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerin, after assembly, first hand, before start to use, such as the rehabilitation hopeless, should be replaced with new parts.
    2, lubrication fittings, the pump drive gears, bearings, must maintain good lubrication conditions (see Figure 1 pieces 15, 11 and 1), usually, always pay attention to the level of the gear oil level, given enough lubricant , and to ensure oil quality pure, clean regularly (six months or a year) replaced once the new oil.
    3, the electrical system, the electrical equipment around, not allowed to store the equipment with damaged insulation, substances or gases. While electrical equipment must be kept in a dry environment to work. There should be added as difficult to avoid moisture facilities.
    4, routine maintenance, downtime does not work every time, will be based on the nature of the transport of materials, selection of appropriate cleaning agents, cleaning the pump effectively, and finally had to use water to clean it again, make sure the pump clean.