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Hao Star ZB series of colloid pump (stainless steel rotor pump), won the Chinese Patent No. ZL20043015111.X of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, A-type variable speed mechanical system, B-series stepless speed mechanical friction. This product is another name for the rotor pump, cam pump, trefoil pump, butterfly pumps, stainless steel positive displacement pump, universal pump, cam rotor pump is the digestion and absorption, well-designed, developed, compared with similar foreign pumps, precision High, low cost, novel and fill the gaps, has been widely used in various fields.
1 compare it with other pumps are the following differences:
a) The pump is a positive displacement pump, conveyor flow can be more precise control can also be easily made variable pump. The pump output flow is not controlled, portable resistance decreased with increasing; This pump has a strong self-absorption capacity, and the centrifugal pump must be filled before moving transfer fluid.

b) The pump speed is low, the optimal speed range between the 200rmp to 500rmp being transported material is stable output and its components will not be damaged. The high speed centrifugal pumps, the material being transported by the strong impact and centrifugal force, so the pump in the transportation component mixture of substances often produce different phenomena, so that the finished product quality. And the pump is the best choice to solve this problem, so it is particularly suitable for conveying mixtures containing solid particles of the material.

c) The pump can be used to transport high viscosity material, so called colloid pump. The centrifugal pump could not. d) The pump output pressure can easily be made higher species, such as 15kgf/cm2, suitable for long distance or high resistance transport.
(2) with screw (thick) comparison:
    Both belong to the positive displacement pump, so its performance is basically similar - Stabilization transfer high-viscosity material with higher delivery pressure. But there is a screw determines its biggest drawback with hygiene requirements in the non-applicability of the occasion - the screw-sculptured surfaces, and numerous chamber determines that it can not become defective sanitary pumps, wall PTFE school or rubber material damage is more likely to be transported substances pollution. And the pump flow line of the rotor and the rotor chamber structure basically no dead spots and non-metallic parts, so strictly speaking, the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries with high hygiene requirements, universal pump is more suitable for applications, especially The production line is now increasingly high degree of automation, while more and more use of the online (in-place) cleaning (CIP), which demonstrates that the selection colloid pump (stainless steel rotor pump) importance.

Food industry: yogurt, whipped cream, ice cream, cheese blocks, whey, beer, wort, yeast, soft drinks, fruit concentrates, fruit juice, tomato paste, fruit paste, vegetable paste, pudding, jam, jelly, flavoring agents, fruit filling, sweeteners, yeast paste, salad dressings, bakery, meat, minced meat, meat, oil, cooking oil, sweets, syrup, cream pie, and chocolate.
Household chemicals: face cream lotion, hair gel, hair dyes, refined sesame oil, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, bath essence, soap, balms, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: various types of pills paste, extract, emulsifier, syrup, nutrition, medicine, poultice, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines.
Chemical industry: fats, solvents, resins and polymers, paints, pigments, dyes, paints, lubricants, greases, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, detergents, plastics, ****, glass, steel, leather and so on.
Construction industry: a variety of coatings. Including interior and exterior paints, anti-corrosion waterproof coating, cold porcelain paint, colorful paint, ceramic glaze.
Other industry: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal flotation agent, nano-materials, bio-chemical industry.