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Working principle

Working principle

 How it works:
       Hao Star colloid pump ZB series (patent number ZL200430151111.X) V-also known as vacuum pumps, stainless steel rotor pump, cam pump, universal pump, yeast pumps, butterfly pumps, clover pump, pump shoes, medicated feed pump, Rerong colloid pump, particle colloid pump, pump slag, slag pump protein, high concentration pump, etc., rely on two simultaneous counter-rotation of the rotor during rotation generated at the inlet suction (vacuum) to be inhaled delivery materials. Two rotors the rotor chamber several small space, according to the order abcd operation; operation to position a, only I room full of media; to position b, B room closed off part of the media; to position c,, A Room also closed some of the media; to position d of, A, B room II chamber communicate with the media both being transported to the discharge. 
Product Features:
1, where the medium (material) contact parts are made ​​of stainless steel (material SUS304, AISI316, 316L) full compliance with health standards.
2, suitable for handling high viscosity, concentration and any particulate medium (material).
3, suitable temperature -30 to +200 degrees Celsius.
4, high pressure, for long-distance and high-resistance transport.
5, low speed, generally between 200 rpm to 600 rpm, after the delivery of materials to maintain the original quality of the same, can not afford any chemical reaction.
6, absolutely no contact between the rotor and the rotor, no wear long, smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency.
7, design, installation and maintenance easy, easy to clean, to ensure hygiene and production inside the machine.