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1, Environmental protection: industrial wastewater, sewage, solid particles and short fibers containing the dregs of delivery. Especially suitable for oil-water separators, filter presses and other equipment.
2, the shipbuilding industry: round bottom cleaning, oil, diesel, oil, sewage and other transmission medium.
3, the oil industry: transportation of crude oil. In recent years, particularly successful in 1000 meters deep underground pumping oil and water mixture, gas and coal in the coal water mixture, thereby greatly reducing the mechanical oil, coal field gas costs. When the oil at a later stage, the use of intravesical polymer formation screw to increase oil recovery.
4, pharmaceutical, cosmetic: a variety of thick syrup, emulsion, ointment cosmetics and other various delivery.
5, canned food industry: a variety of viscous starch, oil, honey, sugar, butter, jam, butter, minced meat and their scraps delivery.
6, the brewing industry: a variety of fermentation viscous liquid, concentrated stillage, food products, slag, various sauces, syrup and containing mucus and other bulk solid materials.
7, the construction industry: cement mortar, lime, paint, and other pasty body spray and transportation.
8, the mining industry: the mine's underground and containing solid particles such as sewage discharged to the ground Whey.
9, the chemical industry: a variety of suspensions, oils, all kinds of colloidal slurry, various adhesives.
10, printing, paper industry: high viscosity inks, polymer plastic PVC wallpaper paste and various concentrations of pulp, staple fiber slurry transport

Working medium

Various viscosity fluids, especially high-viscosity media transport difficult.
Various concentrations of the separated liquids and dry materials dehydration.
Containing solid particles, fibers, a fluid suspension. Liquid, gas and solid mixtures.
Can not be stirred, shear sensitivity extruding liquid.
Corrosive liquids.