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Colloid mill - grinding machine seals

Colloid mill - grinding machine seals

Multifunctional colloid mill, grinding pumps, grinders unique structure design, exquisite processing technology, with independent property rights 20 Chinese patents

Colloid Mill ring, titanium dioxide colloid mill, O-ring - ring - Colloid Mill-o-type ring-o-type seals - colloid mill o-ring - static seal - static sealing River, static seals-o-type static seals - carbon black colloid mill, the pump supporting parts - the difference between vertical colloid mill, split colloid mill and horizontal colloid mill and Mill closed, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill, pipeline colloid mill and grinding pump Distinguishing Features:

· Vertical and horizontal colloid mill difference is that the low height, vertical horizontal colloid mill. Horizontal to consider the design axial positioning to prevent the motor shaft axial wear touch the teeth, it is best to cover the front of the motor bearings, because this design motor rotor and shaft axial thermal expansion will be motor front bearing key to the direction of the motor bearing move in order to reduce the impact grinding head gap.

Vertical colloid mill motor mounted vertically, the rotor weight causes the motor shaft does not occur wearing in axial, and therefore can not consider the axial positioning. Horizontal colloid mill horizontal installation, such as the discharge port should be up to the discharge port disposed below the discharge valve so long downtime colloid mill material exhausted, antifouling plate design to consider sewage material reflux weight, do not vertical. The two colloid mill transmission efficiency close to the higher than split.

· Mill closed, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill, colloid mill and grinding of pipeline pump and vertical and horizontal colloid mill difference is that Mill closed, titanium dioxide carbon black colloid mill, pipeline colloid mill and grinding pump line pipe connections running, closed pipeline for processing materials, automatic integration manipulation module, colloid mill can be provided according to the special requirements of multi-function idling flush-cooled mechanical seal (Hao Star has been informed by the Chinese patent) operation, the mechanical seal and the media in no contact the mechanical seal Shou longer idling of a new generation of sanitary colloid mill (Chinese patent ZL2006200759997). Developed another Mill closed (the Chinese patent ZL2004200541273 4 certificate) colloid mill in the fully enclosed internal recycle system, so that the material in a confined environment, multi-functional grinding, emulsification, homogenization, grinding, dispersion stirring and mixing processing. Sealing ability of the machine to prevent volatile, flammable, explosive, high health and can work under vacuum conditions and other characteristics, especially suitable for: fragrance, perfume, medicine, drugs, petroleum, chemical, fine chemical, biological agents, vegetable protein, animal protein, beer, food, ****, universities, research laboratories and other areas of industry. To be explosion-proof fire and prevent volatilization of the active ingredient of the processed materials or stimulating work environment and ensure the pure quality of the materials. Processed materials can be an effective multi-cycle and achieve the desired results, Mill closed with a number of functional device would also make the adjustment dial the flexibility to adjust the machine pitch emulsion fineness and the prevention of expansion, balance inside the container The pressure machine Queliao idling and other functions. , Which features fully enclosed performance, fire and explosion, leak-proof, idling, easy to operate, health and environmental protection, energy efficiency and long service life is more advanced colloid mill.

Hao Star colloid mill (grinding pump) a versatile wet processing fluid ultrafine particles crushing, grinding, emulsifying, dispersing, homogenizing, mixing, blending function as the leading product, replace and surpass the stone, sand mill, , ball mill, homogenizer machine shear dispersed pumps, emulsification machine, three-roll machine, organizational stamp mill efficiency. Multifunctional colloid mill has formed six series of vertical colloid mill series, split colloid mill series, horizontal colloid mill series, pipeline colloid mill series, fully enclosed colloid mill series, idling wet and dry colloid mill series over 100 kinds of model specifications colloid mill products, buy equipment to the majority of users to provide greater space and room, the equipment resources to be more scientific, professional and energy use, and successfully applied to pineapple, aloe vera, cactus juice, pie filling, paint, biochemical, pharmaceutical, beer, animal and plant protein processing, starch, adhesives, polyurethane, ceramic, glaze, asphalt and new materials production and research fields. Especially our latest the small colloid mill (laboratory dedicated laboratory equipment), multi-functional grinding machine (titanium dioxide colloid mill - Patent ZL2006200759997 on new technology products) King colloid mill, Mill closed, idling colloid mill series products, a national initiative, Key Laboratory of hundreds of enterprises and institutions of higher learning across the country, research laboratories, adoption and practical promotion and the majority of experts praise.

Patent new products:

       Titanium grinding machines and other products has 25 utility model patents such as city-level scientific and technological development of industrial projects Award for Science and Technology Award and Technology subsidized loans and patent licensing Mai, a number of patents in the application. Titanium grinding machine (multi- function grinding machine), also known as: pipeline grinding pump, titanium mill, the silica colloid mill, grinding pumps of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide colloid mill, titanium dioxide slurry pump silica colloid mill - grinding pump, pipeline colloid mill, colloid mill carbon black colloid mill, grinding pump, colloid pump, titanium dioxide, carbon black grinding pump, titanium dioxide colloid mill, pipeline grinding machine, the rotor mill, cone mill. Pipelined multi-purpose grinding machines, grinding machines.