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Export shorted flange

Export shorted flange

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Multifunctional colloid mill, grinding pumps, grinders unique structure design, exquisite processing technology, with independent property rights more than 20 patent Titanium grinding machine has 25 utility model patents such as city-level scientific and technological development of industrial projects Science and Technology Award and Technology subsidized loans and patent licensing Award Mai, a number of patents in the application. Titanium grinding machine (multifunction grinder), also known as the: pipelined grinding pump, titanium mill, the silica colloid mill, titanium white powder grinding pump, titanium dioxide colloid mill, the silica colloid mill of titanium dioxide slurry pump - grinding pump, pipeline colloid mill, colloid mill carbon black colloid mill, grinding pump, colloid pump, titanium dioxide, carbon black grinding pump, titanium dioxide colloid mill, pipeline mill, the rotor grinding, cone mill. Pipelined multi-purpose grinding machines, grinding machines.

Product Features:

     Advantages: compact, novel appearance, wear resistance, and overall compact, online homework, continuous production, environmental protection and energy saving, the right to adjust the fineness of grind and delivery pressure, both the pump output function is set in one machine. features automatic integration of machinery and equipment. Our company has been in recent years developed a grinding machine (pump) products first successful domestic and foreign production of rutile titanium dioxide (titania) dispersed. Grinding the active envelope and beating of silica (silicon dioxide). Grinding Extinction weather slurry process is widely used in the preparation process. The product can also be prepared as coatings, paint and wallpaper, plastic additives, chemical additives, flame retardant material, adhesive, grease, white latex, ceramic glaze with pumping high viscosity materials. This series of products to replace imported equipment indispensable ideal machine for the production and processing of high-grade titanium dioxide paste, also apply to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, vanadium and titanium earth industry, carbon black carbon ink, yeast, plastic, adhesives, chemical fiber, silk, and research and other fields. Production products can be customized according to customer special requirements for processing of different materials acidity, alkalinity, stiffness and other properties, to sample Click image processing and maintenance and repair business.