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Application SURVEY

Application SURVEY

Titanium dioxide, silica intermediates dyes and high-grade pigment with the domestic and international market to heat up, the titanium dioxide upscale signs of the boat with the water rose. Driven by competitive pressures as well as value-added profits effects, such as titanium dioxide and carbon black manufacturers are not only to the production process checks, titanium dioxide and carbon black crude processing will be done perfect, quality is extremely important.

         To invest in after a lot of titanium dioxide products just do it simple packaging applications, even if crude, still marketable, so, a lot of people have a misconception that the titanium dioxide product produced and packaged after can get the market to go up for sale, in fact, titanium dioxide produced from invest in the market and the use of a certain distance, from a professional point of view to consider the application of the the quality titanium dioxide foreign trade output or the food, pharmaceutical and bio-engineering and other fields, as well as a rather special follow-up work is not completed, such as abrasive coated procedures. According to professionals, titanium dioxide production process, regardless of the sulfuric acid method obtained from the calcination kiln titanium dioxide chloride process oxidation of titanium dioxide can not be directly used as a pigment, it normally takes its post-treatment, in order to improve the titanium dioxide certain performance, such as improving weather resistance, improve wettability of different solvents dispersed, hiding power, gloss, this time, it is rarely mentioned grinding equipment just can flourish. Indeed, in recent years with the expansion of the field of application of titanium dioxide and consumers to continuously improve the quality requirements of the titanium dioxide products, without post-processing crude titanium dioxide can no longer arouse consumer desire to purchase, on the contrary, after the post-processing program Seiko secret agents titanium dioxide products much more expensive than crude, but more and more popular with consumers. Thus, Hao Xing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully developed Hi-Tech branch content of titanium dioxide colloid mill - multifunction grinder, titanium dioxide slurry pump, titanium dioxide rotor grinding machine series of new products, such as post-processing equipment conform to have been born, soon attracted strong interest in its sales of titanium dioxide manufacturers also obviously a lot better than before.

        Titanium dioxide slurry grinding equipment, rarely mentioned. In fact, Titanium grinding equipment really foreign DuPont, CC, ML 2005 to enter the Chinese since the beginning, the Sino-foreign joint venture have launched in the country, since only concern Titanium grinding equipment manufacturers suddenly become a hot topic. Professional sources, the process of grinding equipment for the production of titanium dioxide can be divided into pre-grinding equipment ultrafine grinding equipment. Dry pre-grinding equipment, including Raymond mill, high pressure roller mill, ball mill, sand mill, vibration mill. Wet pre-grinding equipment ball mill, vibration mill, colloid mill, traditional colloid mill. Sander fiber production add matting agent titanium dioxide dispersed grinding process essential equipment. At present, China sander 90% of imported products, generally keep prices high, long cycle spare parts supply, and poor after-sales service, which requires domestic grinder to fill the huge market empty. Although the majority of domestic grinder due to the design, material selection, manufacturing process behind the other factors, it is difficult to end customers of the chemical design to choose from, but, over a period of time after the external lead technical efforts to digest and technology research and development and innovation the quality of domestic grinder can slowly replace imported and spread to titanium dioxide manufacturers, because of its complicated operation in the production process, sanding time cycle is long, easy to wear and other defects drawbacks. Hao Star invention, design, development, production the Jin Gangyu infiltration WC wear, corundum infiltration WC wear head, corundum infiltration WC wear grinding head, seepage WC wear plate, James Bond Wear grinding, hardness HL800 The wear plate consisting of titanium dioxide colloid mill - multi-functional grinding machine, titanium dioxide slurry pumps, Titanium grinding pump series on the market since the attention and favor of the titanium dioxide plant at home and abroad. Especially in recent years, China's pharmaceutical, food-grade titanium dioxide manufacturing gradually step into the export line of foreign cases, titanium dioxide plant out of the sulfuric acid reaction using efficient grinding dispersion method to prepare high-grade titanium dioxide, Hao Star Machinery Co. Mr. Yang Jianying, Chairman of the Company since 2004 through science and technology research and apply a number of national patent certificate for State Intellectual Property Office and led by our technical department personnel using special alloy materials made of super-hard titanium dioxide colloid mill - multifunctional grinding machine (pipeline mill), titanium dioxide slurry pump (grinding Pump) titanium dioxide processing equipment, large ultra-high-speed grinding machines and special alloy steel mill body titanium dioxide colloid mill colloidal mill to obtain very the fruits of the largest technology, with independent intellectual property patents new products: multi-functional grinding machine [Patent ZL2006200759997,] as well as the use of special the Jin Gangyu infiltration WC wear, wear head the corundum infiltration WC, the corundum infiltration WC wear grinding head, infiltration WC-resistant the millstones, James Bond Wear grinding, hardness HL800 wear plate movement mill body member, the special structure of the pump using a number of patented technologies, in the flush-cooled mechanical seal [patent ZL201020608706.3 cooling water circulation case no material dry run, will not damage dynamic seal and mechanical properties, low maintenance, friction power is small, grinding, dispersion fineness of <2 microns, the effect is good, and high efficiency. Mainly used for fineness demanding, difficult ground, scattered materials, completely replace the three-roll machine, imported grinding machine, sanding machine, heterogeneous machines and other equipment, the company developed new products, titanium dioxide colloid mill - multifunctional grinding machine (titanium dioxide pipeline rotor mill) HS JTM-W250Ac 2; HS the JTM-W250AD-2 and other series of special models is currently the only instead of imported grinding machine or sanding machines successfully applied to titanium slag Preparation of titanium dioxide ground preparation , with greater play in the high-grade titanium dioxide (titania - active titanium dioxide), silica (silicon dioxide) the process of post-processing apparatus is similar to the above item in its production efficiency several times, significantly reduce production costs, and uniform particles, to facilitate cleaning and color, no grinding impurities. Another widely used in: chemical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, titanium dioxide industry, ceramic industry, bio-engineering and other fields, the first wet ultrafine particles dedicated Hao Star Machinery Co., Ltd. production of titanium dioxide slurry grinding machine: titanium dioxide colloid mill - silica grinding machine the (pipeline titanium dioxide rotor grinding) HS JTM-W250Ac-2; Are HS JTM-W250AD; Are HS JTM-W320AC; HS JTM-W400Ac; titanium the white slurry pumps (grinding pump) HS JP-W250Ac-2; HS the JP-W250AD-2; HS the the JP-W320AC-2 Haopu simexco, titanium Sea titanium dioxide, Carbon Black Panthers, the benefits method Titanium, Titanium Golden Dragon, Rubber Group Carbon Black Research Institute, the strong forest bio-energy, Suzhou Haixiang plastic industry, Asia and the United States, the Bath V retardant material, the Wujiang Galaxy silk Jinda coating, Wing to prosperous cloth industry adhesive, Dong Jia Group, Gimpo Group, Nanjing Titanium, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Chongqing Titanium Industry Company China carbon black, flame-retardant materials and titanium dioxide manufacturers used by leading enterprises, and praised by users.

         Quality of titanium dioxide titanium dioxide manufacturers at home and abroad have screening advanced titanium mill equipment, improve technology, improve the technical innovation of the production environment, grinding equipment, can pass play as an important determinant to the quality of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide even if the pre-production work well, if you left the grinding equipment involved in the quality of titanium dioxide will obviously be greatly reduced, which in turn affect the titanium dioxide "value" as well as manufacturers of terminal sales. Domestic producers actually understand this truth, and in recent years really willing to spend the original capital invested titanium dioxide processing equipment only relatively large domestic several manufacturers, such as the use of Hao Xing Machinery Manufacturing new patented technology products, titanium dioxide colloid mill pipeline dedicated machine, pipe line connection can be sealed through the pipeline of uninterrupted preparation of high-grade titanium dioxide, pioneered the use of titanium mill I plant a Federation, Southern titanium, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Long, titanium Wei, domestic titanium dioxide production Haopu and other leading enterprises, they had previously introduced sanding machine is mainly from Germany, about 40 units, the grinding cylinder volume of 500 liters 1000 liters each half, mainly generally reflect the introduction of the sander to follow-up maintenance and spare parts consumption, but is also very convenient. Most other titanium dioxide enterprises basic domestic primary grinding equipment, and even enterprise eliminates the need for this post-processing costs, the current market is a testament to the titanium dioxide fine after fine grinding hasty sales titanium dioxide products Qiaoxiao the production after simple treatment much. After the economic crisis, the quality of titanium dioxide from 2005 to 8000-12000 yuan / ton has risen to 25000-28000 yuan / ton, with ordinary titanium dioxide 800-3000 yuan / ton world of difference between market treatment so many titanium dioxide production I believe the quality before the last word, forcing them by means of price competition to quality competition policy, so a lot of titanium dioxide manufacturers began to focus on product quality improvement. It is understood that the major manufacturers of titanium dioxide production is a result of the financial crisis into a predicament case, titanium dioxide is more committed to increasing value-added products to enhance efforts, its a way to enhance the titanium dioxide products of special quality and excellent performance. In order to make the product more good dispersion properties, not only the leading titanium dioxide business, small titanium dioxide domestic enterprises have begun to focus on improvement in post-processing equipment to improve product quality and market competitiveness. However, this technological transformation operation is not suspected to cause the commission on the cost of the follow-up maintenance and grinding equipment a lot of overhead and reduce the competitiveness of the enterprise itself.

         Hao titanium dioxide colloid mill - multifunctional grinding machine (the pipelined grinding machine, Titanium rotor grinding), titanium dioxide slurry pump (grinding Pump) after the series Titanium processing equipment will be more titanium dioxide, carbon black, and resistance fuel materials manufacturers concerned about their sales prospects can be quite optimistic. With the titanium dioxide dedicated grinding equipment manufacturing technology continue to make breakthroughs, function more perfect, to show his face on the market will be more and more opportunities. Our independent technology development potential and the development momentum, before long, the Company Titanium grinding processing equipment is expected to dramatically improve the quality, even to considerable extent replace the imported equipment. At that time, Hao titanium dioxide colloid mill - multifunction grinder HS JM-W ... -2 series (pipeline the rotor grinding of titanium dioxide), titanium dioxide colloid pump HS JM-P ... -2 series of titanium dioxide processing equipment into the Xintiandi widely used.