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Start control cabinet

Start control cabinet

Electric control cabinet - Start control cabinet, the boot device, start the control module, automatic control device, inverter control, inverter - Remote monitoring module to the user with the main titanium dioxide colloid mill colloid mill (grinding pump) stainless steel, half stainless steel and titanium dioxide colloid mill (silica grinding machine), Titanium grinding machine (the pipelined grinding pump) materials for the super-alloy steel (I am using the special patented technology development of Jin Gangyu infiltration WC wear, corundum wear infiltration WC head, corundum infiltration WC grinding head wear, colloid mill infiltration WC wear plate, James Bond Wear grinding, hardness HL800 wear plate), all material contact parts 304, 316 stainless steel, alloy steel, composite made of carbon steel. From morphology can be divided into vertical colloid mill and two split colloid mill. Deal with the amount of coverage from the laboratory level to large-scale production line applications.
A colloid mill, titanium dioxide colloid mill Hao 5 CN.HAOSTAR card (silica polishing machine), titanium dioxide, grinding machine (grinding pipeline pump through the relative movement of the two toothed surfaces of the grinding head, a toothed surface of high-speed rotation, to another stationary fluid or semifluid material by a great shearing force and friction force and high-frequency vibration, vortex and other complex multidimensional force through effective dispersion, floating, grinding, homogenizing, thereby obtaining found. needs.


Food industry: dairy products, chocolate, bean sauce, jam, peanut butter, cream, drinks, salad dressing, boiled bamboo shoots sauce, tomato paste, moon cake.

· Chemical industry: paint, lubricating oil, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, catalysts, paint and coatings.

· Pharmaceutical Industry: cod liver oil, confidentiality, athletes extract, Royal Jelly, pollen and so on.

Household chemicals: shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balms, soaps, detergents and so on.

· Other industries: construction industry, paper industry, plastics industry, battery industry.

· Special industry: silica (silicon dioxide), rutile titanium dioxide (titania), a synthetic diamond, flame-retardant materials, matting agents, defoamers, plastic additives, adhesive, synthetic resin, chemical additives, silk texture coating, waterproof coating, etc..

Replace the pulley according to the required number of revolutions, the first end nut loose motor cover, motor driven grinding head direction in the horizontal direction, to relax the V-belt, the machine down to the ground, and then unscrew the nut on the spindle and motor shaft robustness screws, remove the original pulley. Replace the required pulley by hand hammer to gently knock, can not be forced to hit, in order to avoid damage to the pulley, destruction machine precision. For a good, nut and screw fastening, and then the machine gently stand up. After the machine is erected, the motor is driven along a horizontal direction, so that the the triangle belt tensioning, and then a good cover.