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Titanium grinding machine (grinding pipeline pump)

Titanium grinding machine (grinding pipeline pump)


 Titanium grinding machine known as: pipeline grinding pump, titanium mill, colloid silica, titanium dioxide grinding pump, titanium dioxide colloid mill, colloid mill pipeline, carbon black colloid mill, grinding pumps, colloid pump, titanium white colloid mill, grind black pumps, titanium dioxide colloid mill, pipe mill, rotor mill, cone mill. Pipeline multifunction grinding machine, grinding machine, grinding pumps, grinders unique design, exquisite processing technology, with independent property rights 14 national utility model patents, access to urban-level industrialization of scientific and technological development projects subsidized loans and Technology Award and Technology and Patents authorization Award Mai, a number of invention patents pending .......

Advantages: compact, novel appearance, wear resistance, and overall compact, online homework, continuous production, environmental protection and energy saving, the right to adjust the fineness of grind and delivery pressure, both the pump output function is set in one machine. features automatic integration of machinery and equipment.

 In recent years, the company developed a grinding machine (pump) series since the first successful production at home and abroad rutile titanium dioxide (titania) dispersed. Grinding. Activity envelope and silica (silicon dioxide) beating. Grinding Extinction. weatherability reprocessing slurry preparation process is widely used. Can also be used to prepare coatings, paint and wallpaper, plastic additives, chemical additives, flame retardant material, adhesive, grease, white latex, ceramic glaze is also the same as pumping high viscosity materials. Therefore, this series is the production and processing of high-grade titanium dioxide colorant replace imported equipment indispensable ideal machine, also apply to food, chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, earth industry, vanadium and titanium, carbon black carbon ink, yeast, plastics, adhesives, chemical fiber, silk, and research and other fields.

 Products in accordance with customers' materials for processing different acidity, alkalinity, stiffness and other properties specific requirements custom manufacturing, but also to sample processing and maintenance in Figure repair business.

Technical exposition:

Titanium grinding machines (silica colloid mill, grinding pump), titanium dioxide slurry pumps and titanium dioxide colloidal silica coated ultrafine particles reprocessing activity equipment is widely used in paints, plastics, rubber, paper, ceramics, resistive burning paint, glazes, printing, fiber, chemical fiber, printing, cosmetics and textile industry. Wherein the processing of the product for the rutile than the anatase type titanium dioxide; white carbon (silica) than other types of machines, also, the titanium carbon black has a higher weather resistance and excellent matting coated sex is more prominent, such as rutile titanium dioxide intermediates remain photoactive material surface defects, in order to improve the quality of the finished titanium dioxide, must be inorganic (or organic) and other surface-active coating process required before TiO2 particles coated with good dispersion, it is necessary to use Haoxing titanium colloid milling (silica colloid mill, grinding pump) for beating, dispersion, grinding, extinction, adding white to improve its dispersibility. Beating the dispersion step of the surface treatment to the preamble of work, the location is important.

(I), titanium dioxide Grinder (silica colloid mill - Grinding Pump - grinding machine Patent No. ZL: 201020687068.9, etc.) to improve control technology to improve the mechanical seals, gaskets, and additional regulatory activities and pumping power transmission capabilities, to achieve zero leakage, improve grinding stability, random adjustment fineness of grind and pressure output intensity and continuous operation of the automatic online degree.

 A, machine design with flush-cooled mechanical seal device (Patent No. ZL: 201020608706.3) combined cooling system, to overcome the lack of liquid material or machine when running idle wear disadvantage, reducing friction mill body movement, forming flow steady pressure flow, improve grinding mill body movement uniformity, the powder dispersing fineness less than 2 microns, and enhance the stability and sealing, zero leakage, and when starting the machine only on the cooling water to the water punch cooling mechanical seal device, a cooling spindle operating temperature and longer life. B, power transmission: The machine during operation, high-speed rotating machinery centrifugal force will produce an output pressure (head) can be used as a pump power, with simultaneous transport of materials features, and save energy.

(Ii) to improve the design and creation of modern control technology to improve the sealing and the mixing efficiency and productivity.

A, at the rear of the adjusting disk and the static set earlier activity whe washer, instead of the traditional planar, sliding bearings, reducing tolerance adjusting disk activity, and in the case of oil-free, the regulation of the adjusting disk enhanced dexterity, simple structure, precision High stability is good.

B, quiet grinding, fixed grinding with a tapered design, while the machine uses positioning plate positioning structure, so that the static grinding, grinding move forward and backward pitch adjustment smooth, easy operation, can be achieved quickly in place.

C, the equipment Titanium grinding machine (pump) inlet and outlet ports are used to connect pipes approach the material through the pipeline route for direct ultramicron crushing, grinding, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, mixing and transport and other functional integration of continuous production process.

D, design reign cleaning device, without the need to open or disassemble the machine and pipe connections in the case, the cleaning liquid directly connected reign through CIP cleaning device interface, easy to operate, fast and flexible. E, this device has a filter and multi-directional displacement compensation devices protection system. F, equipment assembly contacts the sealing surface are made of O-static seal, in particular the sealing surface of the spout member to connect the machine to improve the mechanical seal are subject to pressures and superior seal strength.

 E, the regulator and the stator rear disc washer set earlier activity, replace the traditional flat, sliding bearings, reducing tolerance adjusting disk activity, and in the case of oil-free, the regulation of the adjusting disk smart, simple structure, high precision, stable good.

F, power transmission: the machine during operation of the high-speed rotating machinery centrifugal force will produce an output pressure (head) can be used as a pump power, with simultaneous transport of materials features, and save energy.

G, a stator, a rotor with a tapered design, while the machine uses positioning plate positioning structure, so that the stator and rotor pitch adjustment retreat smooth, easy operation, can be achieved quickly in place.

Appendix 1: titanium dioxide slurry of carbon black (active coated) super-particles after the intended use of processing equipment to be more sufficiently dispersed abrasive slurry to lower the viscosity to obtain better effect of the active envelope. Major equipment from titanium dioxide colloid mill - grinding pump (grinding machine - Patent No. CN: 201020687068.9; 200620075999.7 and many other utility model patents, invention patents (pending) and in 2011 received government funding for science and technology development projects), filters and compensation devices and other mechanical components, simply connected online feed and out feed or return line that is able to run in confined conditions mechanization, high degree of automation is good, is a new type dispersing, homogenizing, mixing, grinding, high shear ultrafine particles multifunctional titanium dioxide, carbon black, flame-retardant materials, coating slurry and other post-processing equipment.

After the ultra-fine particles of titanium dioxide slurry of carbon black treatment equipment structures main parts: 1. Inlet port 2. Filter 3. Filter system 4. Corrugated pipe 5. Adjustment means 6. Internal pressure compensation device 7. Stator ( cone grinding disc) 8. rotor (cone grinding disc) 9. flush cooling system device 10. Titanium grinding machines (pumps) .....

Industrialization colloid mill, grinding pumps, grinders JP/JM/JTM80-500 series of horizontal, split, pipeline, closed and versatile high shear homogeneous emulsifying grinding machine - Automatic colloid (automatic control module includes PH value, temperature, speed, flow, circulation, time, and quantity, reflux and other systems) is dedicated to the colloidal solution, suspension emulsion production design, especially those who need a good emulsifying and dispersing effect of colloidal production. JTM80; JTM100; JTM120; JTM140; JTM180; JTM-200; JTM250; JTM320; JTM400; JTM400; JTM500 line speed is high, cut the gap is very small, so that when the material passes the time, the formation of friction is more intense, The result is commonly referred to as wet. Stator and rotor is made conical, with finesse ascending three TM180; JTM-200; JTM250; JTM320; JTM400; JTM400; JTM500 upgraded to four jagged protrusions and recesses. The stator can be adjusted to limit the desired distance between the rotor. In enhanced fluid turbulence, the recess in each level can change direction. High-quality surface finish and structural materials to meet the various requirements of different industries. Three, four wrong tooth structure grinding rotor (special can be promoted to five - nine wrong tooth grinding rotor structure, to be customized), with the precision of the stator chamber. To achieve a better high shear, vibration frequency, dispersion, mixing, crushing, emulsifying, homogenizing, wet with multifunctional treatment effect.

Equipment level: chemical grade, sanitary Class I, Class II sanitary, sterile grade, titanium dioxide grade, food grade

Motor type: normal motor, frequency conversion motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency explosion-proof motor

Power Selection: 380V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 415V/50HZ

Motor Option: PTC thermal protection, IP45-66 protection, noise reduction

Colloid Material: SUS304, SUS316L, SUS316Ti, alloy steel

Colloid Optional: tank, drain valve, inverter, electric control box, mobile car

Colloid Mill Finish: Polished, Honed, abrasion treatment

Export coupling form: flange, screw, clamp, quick union

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