Zhejiang HaoStar Mechanical Equipment on its success in winning the national "high-tech enterprise"

Release time:2023-03-20

Warmly congratulate Haoxing Machinery Technology on being recognized as a high-tech enterprise in 2022 and successfully obtaining the national "high-tech enterprise certificate". This not only fully recognizes the company's technological research and development strength and innovation ability, but also serves as a spur and encouragement for the subsequent development of Haoxing Machinery Technology. Haoxing Machinery Technology National High tech Enterprise Certification Management Leading Group Office


Hao Star Machinery Technology
The Office of the National Leading Group for the Recognition and Management of High tech Enterprises has released the list of the second batch of high-tech enterprises recognized in Zhejiang Province in 2022. Zhejiang  Hao Star Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with its strong technological research and development capabilities and technological innovation strength, has been honored on the list, officially entering the ranks of national level high-tech enterprises
Haoxing Machinery Technology was successfully selected as a national "high-tech enterprise" this time, which is a full recognition and recognition of our company's comprehensive technological strength by the country. It is also a significant honor and award achievement with milestone significance in the development process of Hao StarMachinery Technology!
Our company continuously improves the level of research and development investment, strengthens technological innovation capabilities, strengthens the transformation of achievements, and promotes the integration of new technologies and physical industries. In recent years, our company has relied on strong scientific research strength and core technological advantages to successfully develop new products such as paste wet grinding pumps, high-speed mixing homogenizers, crushing pumps, pipeline grinding pumps, multi-functional grinding machines, low-temperature colloid grinding devices, etc., which can replace imported grinding machines or sand grinding machines and have been successfully applied in service fields covering industries, agriculture, transportation, energy, construction, light industry, automobiles, ships, mines, metallurgy, ceramics, etc Titanium industry, water and fertilizer, protein feed, shrimp paste, fish slurry, white carbon black, carbon black, graphene, sodium electricity, lithium batteries, flame retardant materials, coatings, catalysts, lubricating synthetic grease, high-performance fibers, ABS resin, polymer synthesis, molecular sieves, new materials, as well as key laboratories of university research institutes and other national industrial fields provide services.
Since its establishment, it has applied for more than 50 high-tech projects such as invention and innovation, soft writing certificates, etc. At the same time, the company will further promote scientific and technological innovation and Digital transformation upgrading, and continue to accumulate more scientific research power for building domestic machinery and equipment deep integration industrial innovation enterprises!.
This time, the company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise, which is both an honor and a responsibility. The company will continue to increase research and development investment, drive enterprise development through technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness through technological advantages, and provide customers with better products and services.
The successful recognition of Hao Star Machinery Technology as a high-tech enterprise will help further improve and enhance the company's intellectual property protection system and research and development management system, laying a solid foundation for better development in the future.


About Hao Star Machinery Technology
Zhejiang Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has long been a high-tech enterprise engaged in flexible intelligent manufacturing of fluid containing particle materials, such as efficient wet ultrafine crushing, shearing, dispersion, stirring, depolymerization, mixing, emulsification, homogenization, grinding, and colloidal pump conveying systems. All equipment is customized for customers, from laboratories to industrial production and complete sets of equipment, with many inventions and technological projects and new products. Has strong resource integration and utilization capabilities. Strong research and development capabilities, extensive marketing network, strong financial strength, and project financing capabilities have formed a complete industrial chain covering design, research and development, manufacturing, international trade, and other aspects, possessing unique industrial value and market competitive advantages.
Hao Star Machinery Technology has always adhered to independent research and development. Through continuous innovation in unique new technologies, materials, processes, and structures, it has successfully developed intelligent manufacturing machinery and equipment. Multiple products have replaced imported machinery for domestic conversion, shortening the cycle for new and old customers, reducing energy consumption, saving various costs, and improving efficiency.

Ten Benefits and Definitions of High tech Enterprises
1、 Ten Benefits of Becoming a High tech Enterprise
1. Tax reduction: Certified high-tech enterprises can implement a preferential tax rate of 15% (the first 25%), with a 10 point reduction in tax rate and a 40% reduction in tax amount;
2. Direct rewards: After obtaining high tech, one can receive local financial rewards (up to one million);
3. Financing loans: easier to obtain VC investments and loans from major banks;
4. Funding basis: It is one of the primary conditions for other types of government special funds to be applied for;
5. Brand enhancement: The only "national" brand enterprise honor for technology enterprises, and the e-commerce era is greatly conducive to promoting transactions between enterprises in different regions, which is the best symbol of enterprise strength;
6. Attracting talents: The core of technology entrepreneurship is excellent talents, which can better attract them;
7. Office improvement: Priority is given to obtaining office and industrial land, and many places can also use land for free;
8. Government procurement: High tech enterprise products are prioritized for inclusion in the government procurement system;
9. Asset depreciation: Accelerated depreciation of fixed assets is beneficial for financial statements;
10. Enterprise listing: One of the important conditions for listing on the ChiNext and New Third Board.
The recognition of national high-tech enterprises has strict review requirements for comprehensive indicators such as core intellectual property rights, R&D investment, R&D team building, scientific and technological achievement transformation ability, organizational and management ability, and growth ability owned by enterprises. The "high-tech enterprise" recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology is an authoritative affirmation of the scientific research strength of enterprises. This recognition has strict review requirements for comprehensive indicators such as core intellectual property rights, R&D investment, R&D team building, and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements owned by enterprises. It holds a very important strategic position in China's economic development and is one of the highest honors for technology enterprises in China.

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